Monday May 27 2019
Wanda: Icardi has balls!

Wanda Nara has defended Inter striker Mauro Icardi after his missed penalty against Empoli. “These are things that happen to those who have balls.”

Icardi failed to convert a spot-kick shortly before Empoli equalised, although Radja Nainggolan found the goal that not only relegated the Tuscans in a 2-1 win but also qualified the Nerazzurri for the Champions League. 

“It went very well, we achieved what we wanted,” Wanda told Tiki Taka.

“It starts again next season. Mauro’s mistake can happen, these are things that happen to those who have the balls.

“The stadium reacted badly, I said a bad word myself: it’s natural that you can’t say ‘good’ to those who miss penalties.

“Even Messi and Ronaldo have missed them, it can happen to anyone. After the whole affair, he went on to score two very important penalties.

“Being an Inter fan makes you realise that you have a good heart. I’ve lost five years!”

The Argentine’s agent-wife later added on Instagram: “Sometimes goals against Barcelona and Tottenham, three goals in the derby, 124 goals at 26 years of age aren’t enough.

“Sometimes no-one realises who’s playing with pain. Sometimes football puts you to the test.

“But for me and for us, the only thing that matters is the pride of knowing that you’re a great man before being a great player.

“I’m always proud of you and seeing your eyes lit up, playing for the team you love.”