Wednesday June 5 2019
Rossi welcomes Commisso to Fiorentina

Giuseppe Rossi is “happy and proud that an Italian-American is becoming the new owner of Fiorentina,” as Rocco Commisso prepares the closing.

Billionaire Commisso is in Milan to negotiate the final details of the takeover from the Della Valle brothers, who move on after 17 years.

“It’s a great deal for Fiorentina. I am happy and proud that an Italian-American from my neck of the woods is becoming the new owner of Fiorentina,” Pepito Rossi told

“I hope this new chapter in the history of this club is even more wonderful and full of success. I don’t know Commisso personally, but he seems to have passion to burn. It’s always great to meet people who came up from nothing and managed to create a fortune. We can all learn from people like him.”

Rossi wore the Viola jersey during some of the most positive years in the Della Valle tenure, but they became increasingly unpopular with fans.

“At the start of their adventure, they did so well in taking Fiorentina back to the top, and we should all give them credit for that. Without their hunger, determination and investment, we might not have been able to challenge for a place in the Champions League, to play Europa League semi-finals or Coppa Italia Finals.

“We ought to thank them for that. Now we look forward with new owners, set aside the difficult recent years and try to return where we deserve to be.”

Rossi’s agent Andrea Pastorello poured more fuel on the fire of a Pepito comeback to Florence.

“Yesterday, we were musing with his brother that Fiorentina could be a great move, considering the American owners,” Pastorello told Tuttomercatoweb.

“He has a strong bond with that club and the fans love him. The lad has this incredible desire to get back on the field and we are looking for options, although Fiorentina are not a remote possibility.”