Tuesday June 11 2019
Conte: Inter have no limits

Antonio Conte believes Inter have ‘no limits’ and explains why they chose him to be their new Coach. “I create expectations.”

Conte won three Scudetti in each of his three seasons in charge of Juventus, and the 49-year-old is confident he can make a similarly-speedy start to his tenure at Inter.

“The set of results I obtained and the speed of which I got them came to me with a certain image,” he told GQ.

“I create expectations. When I embark on a new adventure, the club expect a lot from me.

“The players are confident of improving, the fans expect great satisfaction. That means that I have to evaluate my choices very carefully.

“I can accept having only a small chance of winning at first, even just one percent, but there must be one at the very least.

“Marotta helped. He was the confirmation of the impression I had from afar. Marotta is a director who’s won a lot.

“If you go for him as soon he leaves Juve, it means you have very serious intentions and leave no stone unturned to climb to the top.

“Let’s face it: apart from rare exceptions, it’s been eight seasons that they haven’t fought for the Scudetto.

“Inter want to change that. The way they’re moving shows their willingness to compete. Not only Marotta convinced me.

“When I talked to President Zhang, I was struck by his determination. Ausilio also has very clear ideas.

“Inter are an ambitious club, where everyone is rowing in the same direction. The first thing I’ll tell the players is that they have no limits.”

The former Italy CT then revealed how he kept a promise of a trip to Disneyland during his year off, despite offers to get back into management last season. 

“It was a great test of love for my daughter,” he admitted.

Did he take pictures with Mickey, Pluto and Donald?

“Yes, but they’ll remain private!”