Saturday June 15 2019
Suarez: 'I was in denial on Chiellini'

Uruguay international Luis Suarez admits he was “in denial” after biting Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder during the 2014 World Cup and needed psychological help.

The incident occurred during a group game, which saw Italy lose 1-0, but it could’ve been very different with VAR, as Suarez got away with his attack on the defender.

“My wife asked me what happened and I told her we simply collided. I did not accept the reality, I was in denial, and that was a big mistake,” confessed Suarez on Fox Sports.

It was not the first time he was caught on camera biting an opponent, but this time it earned him a four-month football ban, including nine international fixtures.

“I turned to psychologists and that really helped me to accept my mistakes and grow. I suffered a great deal during that period, for my wife, my children and my teammates.

“I was treated inhumanely, though. I had signed for Barcelona and they didn’t even give me a presentation to the media. I thought my career was over and I’d have to retire.”