Wednesday June 19 2019
Inter give Lukaku new lease of life

Antonio Conte has tried to sign Romelu Lukaku for years and could finally get him at Inter, writes Football Italia Chief Correspondent Richard Hall.

Romelu Lukaku couldn’t make his intentions of moving to Serie A any more obvious. After claiming this was a league he had always dreamed of playing in, he went on to say it will be an exciting place to be next term. Heaping praise on Antonio Conte as “one of the best coaches in the world,” the Belgian forward has certainly laid down his marker that he expects to be in Milan next season. How would he fit in the new Nerazzurri system and would he be able to replace Mauro Icardi?

One thing is certain, Conte knows his own mind, he has already started to implement his 3-5-2 system throughout the Primavera team and the youth systems. He is a man who knows the way he wants to play and how to get the job done. The imminent arrival of Edin Dzeko in Milan has also shown that the former Juventus boss is wasting no time in getting the pieces of his puzzle in place.

Ultimately, the biggest problem might be in removing one of the pieces that has lodged itself in the wrong spot and is refusing to let go.

Providing all the necessary pieces are moved in time, Inter could be left with a very potent strike force next season. This is certainly the view of Christian Vieri, who said Lukaku “can be devastating, but someone like that ought to be scoring 30 goals per season.” Can the Belgian finally fulfil his potential at Inter?

Conte’s system has always relied on a target man. When he coached Italy, he looked to Graziano Pellè for this, at Juventus both Mirko Vucinic and Fernando Llorente did this job, and at Chelsea he used Diego Costa and Olivier Giroud to this effect. Both Lukaku and Dzeko would be able to provide this service, but the 26-year-old Belgian could flourish under the high pressing system and more direct style of play.

The Manchester United centre-forward would certainly find Conte’s system similar to the one he plays in at a national level and this switch could see him return to his best form. He has been criticised this season for 15 goals in 45 games, but his overall tally of 42 goals in 96 appearances for the Premier League club isn’t horrendous.

The style of play under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hasn’t suited him and he has slipped down the pecking order. Even his national team Coach Roberto Martinez has said that it is important for him to find the right club next campaign.

It’s arguable that if Luciano Spalletti had still been in charge, then Lukaku would have had less chance to prosper. This was simply because the supply from midfield and wide areas was not ample enough and it was left to the skill of Icardi to create something out of nothing. Now however, with Conte’s style being more forceful, quick and direct, Lukaku’s pace and strengths will be played to.

Martinez has said that Lukaku’s decision-making leans towards assisting teammates rather than looking for his own benefit. These characteristics would appeal to Conte, as he puts the team ethic first, something he won’t see in Icardi.

Lukaku will certainly add to the new ‘Conte version’ of Inter and it is for this reason that the Nerazzurri are working tirelessly to get the deal over the line. For those who frequent San Siro, there is now a chance to witness a more progressive and more aggressive system that would see Lukaku at its very heart.

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I sometimes get so angry with my club.What we did in the past? Because failure of multi million signings such as kondigbia barbarosa and joao mario we started begging players pseudo loan with vile proposal to buy. Good we are become laughing stock at the market and to the RIVALS.Now we are starting youth selling policy after seeing one in a million zaniolo being given freely to roma!. And thats not the crime. Crime is we are unabashed and shameless!!. Still gifting youth players to get a player.
on the 26th June, 2019 at 4:14am
One thing you can say about Romelu is that he will score goals. Lots of goals. He is one of those players who has to be picked all the time. If he gets messed about he is prone to lose his touch. Conte had a super forward at Chelsea but he fell out with the pirate, aka Diego Costa and it proved to be his undoing. I think Inter will be a huge threat to the mighty Juve next season. Should be fun.
on the 23rd June, 2019 at 5:33pm
I really would like to see Lukaka get back that great form he had at Everton, and become like a new Adriano for Inter.
...and kick out that piece of trash Icardi. I know It’s hard to get rid of such a long standing talent that still has much more to give but the scene has become so toxic. I’m sure he’s not 100% to blame, but he had it made. Why be a brat. Why ask for $$ when you haven’t won anything major yet? Just should of said thanks G’bye,or I pledge myself to Inter.
Not the child antics.
on the 22nd June, 2019 at 12:22pm
Lukaku`s infamous 'elephant' 1st touch will drive Inter fans mad. I just hope Inter will get a decent deal for him and avoid gifting Icardi to juBentus, as he is exactly the type of striker they have been lacking to make the leap. Dybala`s stats in UCL are disappointing, this is probably why they are trying to get rid of him. Icardi set his mind to take revenge and block Inter`s transfer market, he is toxic and needs to GTFO.
on the 21st June, 2019 at 1:09pm
I know a lot of Inter fans are ready to see Icardi leave but I really think the club should try and give him a chance if anything to try and raise his value back up. He doesn't have to start but have him on the bench ready if they can get him to agree to this his value will surely go back up and if Lukaku comes and he's a bust there's​ Icardi. Then you restore confidence in the player his value goes up and then​ you sell him on for more than the peanuts the club will be offered. Also Perisic OUT
on the 20th June, 2019 at 9:47pm
Lukaku to Inter will be a disaster. The man has poor first touch. Poor game reading ability, poor off the ball running. He is just a big strong brute. I can't believe Inter want to waste their money on this guy. I can't believe it. And if he shines in serie A, that will be a bad sign for calcio quality. I love calcio and it will not get anywhere with this kind of players.
on the 20th June, 2019 at 5:24am
Really looking like a threat again. Lazaro, Barella, Lukaku and another decent attacker really strengthens the squad to go with Godin, with conte in charge Inter finally have a team capable of challenging again
on the 19th June, 2019 at 12:25pm
Not the best player around but does have a good scoring ratio over the years.

Can't imagine he'll be a better finisher than Icardi, but Icardi has burned too many bridges this season so it may be too late to save his Inter career.

If Inter could get Lozano and Ziyech to flank Lukaku, that could be a fine attack.

Time to sell off Icardi, Perisic, J Mario and maybe Nainggolan.

They also need two attacking full-backs if Conte plays 3 at the back
on the 19th June, 2019 at 8:17am

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