Friday June 21 2019
Milan & Inter agree on new San Siro

It is reported Milan and Inter have agreed plans on a new stadium, which will cost around €700m to build and is anticipated to be ready by 2022.

According to La Repubblica, the idea of refurbishing the current San Siro has been shelved in favour of a joint-project, which also involves redevelopment of the surrounding area.

The newspaper explains the entire project will set both clubs back ‘around €700m’ and that they hope to have the ground open by the start of the 2022-23 campaign.

Furthermore, the stadium would be built next to the existing San Siro, partly below street level so as to limit its visual impact on the neighbourhood.

However, La Repubblica warns Milan and Inter have yet to decide on what to do with the site where San Siro sits once it is knocked down.

Moreover, approval of the project threatens to be far from simple as Milan mayor Beppe Sala has already warned that his council cannot lose ownership of San Siro.