Wednesday June 26 2019
Sarri: 'I smoke 60 a day...'

New Juventus Coach Maurizio Sarri admits his smoking habit is out of control. “It’s 60 a day, probably a few too many.”

The tactician is currently on vacation in Ascoli-Piceno, where he sat down for a conversation with local site La Nuova Riviera.

He discussed his love for the area and why he’s considering a second home there after renting for several years, even if he might be put off by a new rule banning smoking on the beach.

“I smoke 60 a day, which is probably a few too many,” confessed Sarri.

He was often spotted chewing cigarette filters on the touchline during his Chelsea career.

“I don’t particularly feel the need to smoke during games, but straight afterwards it really is necessary. I had back problems tormenting me for weeks, but I feel much better now.”

Sarri also explained that his dog, given the classically-Neapolitan name Ciro, was adopted three years ago after he kept hanging around the Napoli training ground.

“He came to Castel Volturno every day and became the team mascot.”

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the tactician had hired a dog sitter for Ciro in London and only accepted a private jet to Turin for the Juventus paperwork because he could bring his canine friend along.