Saturday July 6 2019
VIDEO: Balotelli bet sends moped into sea

Mario Balotelli is in the headlines again after paying a local bar owner €2,000 cash to drive a moped into the sea.

The incident occurred at Mergellina, on the coast of Naples, and Balo published this video himself on Instagram.

As seen in different clips, he seemed to bet the bar owner €2,000 that he wouldn’t drive the moped off the shore, then handed over the cash and laughed as onlookers gathered to watch and cheer the barman on.

“My moped was only worth €600 anyway,” the man later told reporters.

Probably more concerning, other than the fact the man could’ve been badly hurt, is that someone now has to fish that moped out of the sea or it could damage boats in the dock.

However, Balo posted later in his Instagram Stories footage of the Vespa once it had been fished back out of the sea - and remarkably, still worked.


Buongiorno così ! (Vespa ripescata).

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