Monday July 8 2019
Balotelli reported for moped bet

Mario Balotelli has been reported to police for paying a local bar owner €2,000 cash to drive a moped into the sea.

The incident occurred in the coastal Neapolitan town of Mergellina on Saturday, with Balotelli filiming it.

As seen in different clips, he seemed to bet Catello Buonocore €2,000 that he would not drive the moped off the shore, before handing over the cash and laughing as onlookers gathered to watch and cheer the barman on.

However, the Italy striker has now been reported to police in Naples for ‘criminal solicitation and gambling’, as have Buonocore and two other people.

The quartet also face charges for the abandonment of hazardous waste, linked to the act of driving the moped into the sea, although it has since been retrieved.

The 28-year-old is currently without a club after Olympique Marseille chose not to renew his contract.