Saturday July 13 2019
Bologna: 'Mihajlovic can keep working'

Sinisa Mihajlovic begins treatment for leukaemia on Tuesday, confirmed Bologna doctor Gianni Nanni. “We have the tools to ensure a complete cure and a Coach who can work, train, affect what happens on the field and in the dressing room.”

The 50-year-old tactician confirmed the diagnosis this afternoon in an emotional Press conference, flanked by director of sport Walter Sabatini and Professor Nanni.

“The Coach talked about leukaemia, which 20 years ago we might not even have talked about challenging,” Nanni told reporters.

“Now that we have the tools to ensure a complete cure, we can talk about a Coach who can work, can train, can affect what happens on the field and in the dressing room.

“There are times when he won't be with the team, as he'll be in hospital for treatment, starting from Tuesday, but the treatment has changed a great deal over the last few years and is absolutely effective.

“It is now an illness that can be faced and can be beaten, even in a short period of time.”

There was also a moment of levity, as Mihajlovic interjected to show his trademark grit and sense of humour.

“As Mihajlovic said, he has no symptoms. He is absolutely fine.”

“Well, I'm pissed off..."

“That's good, it'll help you attack the cells straight away! We lied about him having a fever, that was not true. We wish it had just been a fever.

“He came to pre-season training and we were looking for a muscular strain or something, maybe a stress fracture or pain in the hip, all of which are very common after months of training work. We were looking for those and nothing else.

“The tests showed none of that, just something particular in the bone marrow that needed further investigation. We found what we found, but he is absolutely healthy other than that and has no symptoms.

“This means we have a very good head-start. He will be taken into the Sant’Orsola Hospital from Tuesday for treatment and we are in very good hands. He can continue his work and indeed has to, because he can't live without telling the players they were in the wrong position or did that badly. 

“We cannot say how long the treatment will last. We know the diagnosis, but not yet the precise type of leukaemia, and therefore not the specific type of treatment or how long it will take.

“I've known him for 10 years, he will return mentally and physically stronger than ever. He's like a tank!”

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