Sunday July 14 2019
Lukaku perfect for Inter

With Inter continuing their pursuit of Romelu Lukaku, Vilizar Yakimov sees the Belgian as the perfect fit for both Antonio Conte and Lautaro Martinez.

The start of Inter’s summer mercato has been nothing short of remarkable. The Nerazzurri made a serious statement with Antonio Conte’s appointment shortly after the 2018-19 season ended and they haven’t taken a step back since then.

Snapping up a defensive lynchpin like Diego Godin on a free transfer surely looks like a bargain, while the arrival of two of Italy’s brightest midfield talents in Stefano Sensi and Nicolò Barella also speak clearly about the conviction of the Nerazzurri project.

Valentino Lazaro’s €20m transfer from Hertha Berlin should also add some much-needed depth and creativity out wide, but for all of their strides in other areas, Inter still have one huge gap to fill and that’s undoubtedly up top.

The rapport between La Beneamata and ex-captain Mauro Icardi has hit an all-time low, as the club made it clear that they’ve had enough with the Argentinian and his wife-agent’s off-field shenanigans.

With Icardi’s departure now being only a matter of time, the Nerazzurri will rely heavily on his fellow countryman Lautaro Martinez to lead the line next term. However, it is no secret that Conte prefers to play with two in attack, which means that Inter do not have a proper partner for Lautaro upfront.

Beppe Marotta and co decided not to execute their €34m option on Keita BaldeDiao, while negotiations with Roma for Edin Dzeko have proved to be far more complicated than initially anticipated.

With the Bosnian turning 34 next year and still commanding a significant transfer fee and a hefty salary, it’s not surprising to see Inter stepping up their interest in Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku.

Although considerably more expensive than Dzeko, the Belgian only recently turned 26, and despite being heavily criticised for his performances under Jose Mourinho, Lukaku has still netted a respectable 42 goals in 96 appearances for the Red Devils.

Among the reasons that make Lukaku a good fit for Inter is the fact that motivation is a huge factor in his game. It is no secret that the powerful forward had a complicated relationship with Mourinho, starting all the way back from his Chelsea days.

It is also well-known that Conte has been a long-time admirer of Lukaku’s talents, as well as a fan of fielding a powerful target man next to a more mobile forward in attack. All this makes perfect sense for Inter,especially in the post-Icardi era, as despite being one of the deadliest finishers around, unlike Lautaro and Lukaku, Icardi offers little else.

The potential arrival of Lukaku would give Conte the perfect tools to build a new, more powerful and modern-looking Inter, allowing the club to evolve from the one-dimensional Icardi-led frontline.

The most obvious thing that Lukaku would add to Conte’s new look attack would be pure strength. The Antwerp-born striker possesses a juggernaut type of physique, which allows him to outmuscle even the toughest of defenders without much effort, not to mention winning an impressive 2.9 aerial duels per game in the Premier League last term. That number matches the combined tally of both Icardi and Martinez, which means that Inter would finally have a dangerous aerial outlet up front.

Lukaku’s ability to drift out wide and drag defenders out of position would also open spaces for Lautaro, something that was just not possible when the 21-year-old was playing alongside Icardi. Uncharacteristically for his size, the Belgian actually possess good dribbling and crossing ability and is a natural left-footer, which makes him a tricky customer for any opposition.

In fact, the potential Lukaku-Lautaro partnership would probably look a lot like the Graziano Pelle-Eder duo that Conte used with remarkable success for Italy. However, considering that the Belgian and Martinez are much more versatile and better individually than the former Nazionale duo, they would pretty much be an upgraded version.

Aside from the €85m price tag that Manchester United have put on him, the biggest concern surrounding Lukaku is his fitness. The Belgium international has the frustrating tendency to gain an extra pound or two, especially when not playing regularly, but considering how good Conte is in preparing his players, this should not be an issue.

Lukaku’s first touch is another weakness of his, as he averages almost two unsuccessful touches per game, which is higher than Icardi, but actually lower than Lautaro’s 2.1 tally. This highlights probably the biggest problem in the prospect of the Lukaku-Lautaro pair, but this is something that can definitely be fixed in training, especially considering Conte’s maniacal methods.

In conclusion it can be said that despite the hefty fee that he would command and the flaws in his game, Romelu Lukaku would be a perfect fit not only for Inter, but also for Lautaro Martinez. The Conte effect could get the best out of the currently underperforming Belgian and would allow Inter to unlock the potential of their young Argentinian gem.

The Nerazzurri already invested heavily in the former Racing prospect and bringing in a player of Lukaku’s pedigree and abilities to play alongside him would be the perfect way to cement their faith in Lautaro Martinez.

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Well a lot of people do doubt it. I don't doubt, so much as I wonder.

But there's no reason for Lukaku to maintain his previous value. United bought him at the right price, but he was their second choice (Morata), just as Morata was Chelsea's second choice (Lukaku). And so that whole thing was stupid.

I wouldn't go above the current amount. Too bad Conte doesn't like Berardi. Now is the time. Dzeko and Lukaku...don't know about that.
on the 23rd July, 2019 at 6:14am
Nobody doubts Lukaku can be a hit in Italy, problem is Man Utd wants Inter to take the financial hit for their mistake in signing him for that kind of money. Inter would be stupid to meet their asking price, but given the backup options available in theory out there, they might be forced to spread the cost over couple of years. I would rather take Cavani and save money for SMS.
on the 22nd July, 2019 at 12:13pm
Conte has his vision and is relentless in his pursuit of it. So between that and Lukaku's talent, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But he has to make sure he isn't too stubborn and maximizes his options.

His main objective is to sort his DM. It's especially tricky because he's bringing in two MORE CM's, both of whom we should expect in the lineup.

Spalletti could not pick between his 7 CMs. Brozovic is not a DM, tho could work with Barella and Sensi. Gagliardini also in the mix.
on the 18th July, 2019 at 2:52am
Sensi and Barella are outstanding pickups. Godin is still a world-class player, but I couldn't care less how far past him anybody wants to look, so is Miranda. So maybe there is value in the move, as sometimes it's time for a change, but it works within the totality of everything else. (Miranda has had two outstanding seasons in his four, and didn't play much last year because they went young).

Lukaku has the talent, even if PL fans think otherwise. But be smart with your money.
on the 18th July, 2019 at 2:48am
@Alit Lukaku $70 million < Balotelli $8 milllion ...that leaves $62 million surplus to get at least 2-3 very good players to give Conte everything he needs to turn around this clown club.
Balotelli has already accomplished more than Lukaku will ever.
Lukakus mot going to be 2nd coming of Adriano.
on the 15th July, 2019 at 11:34pm
Lukaku a good dribbler? What are interested and conte smoking to take such a player? Lukaku will be a disaster who is expensive. I am doubting Conte's decision.
on the 15th July, 2019 at 11:23am
I stopped reading when it mentioned lukaku as a good dribbler. 
on the 15th July, 2019 at 6:10am
@Daniel Plainview
No I don't agree with getting Balotelli at all. Inter is suffering from players who are irresponsible and not reliable like Icardi and Nainggolan (despite they're quality players), Balotelli would be the same as them, although I think his quality has dropped a lot since quitting Inter.

Yeah you're right, I'm the fan of Inter, but still want to see both Milan teams come back to their peak.
on the 15th July, 2019 at 1:18am
A medicore player for a mediocre club the perfect fit
on the 15th July, 2019 at 12:01am
I only c bunches of losers here same as Inter, a team of Judas.
Beg Juventus to buy Icardi, beggars.
De Vrij, don’t forget the penalty Icardi scored.
on the 14th July, 2019 at 11:43pm
Conte doesn't like talented strikers with brains and skill. He likes Strikers that work hard like an ox and memorize his tactics. Lukaku is going to Inter's version of Juve's Llorente - 13 goals most of them against bottom feeders. Let me remind you that Conte chased away Del Piero, Quagliarella and Costa. Soon you can add icardi to that list ...... does anyone see the talent of these 4 players ??
on the 14th July, 2019 at 11:24pm
I don't care how "perfect" Lukaku is supposed to be for Inter Milan, they'd have to be out of their minds to pay that asking price. These PL clubs, especially Manchester United, pay exorbitant amounts for players, many of whom fail to live up to their price tag and yet the clubs expect to get their money back when they're trying to get rid of these players. Agree with Daniel Plainview, they'd be better off getting Balotelli and then try again in a year when Lukaku has 2 yrs left on his contract
on the 14th July, 2019 at 9:35pm
I think Lukaku would fit very well with Conte`s style and system. It is about time Inter got up off its knees again. Get rid of Icardi. Such a person, I am sorry to say, is cancer to a team no matter how talented he is.
I am an AC Milan life-long fan, but I certainly do not hate Inter because of that. We both represent Milano. It seems Inter are a few steps ahead of us now and hopefully they can, with the correct purchases, create some more problems for Juve in the upcoming season...
on the 14th July, 2019 at 8:31pm
@Pinturicchio: Hahaha... prefect example of a person with no life. You can't even help yourself to not being a clown, Congrats!
on the 14th July, 2019 at 6:19pm
Bahaha @Pinturicchio ...well changes HAVE to be made Inter. I’m psyched to see Conte and Lukaku at Inter while dumping that toxic douche Icardi who wasted Inters time. ...but the fact that ManU is raiding Inters wallet for Lukaku is laughable. They’re paying way too much for single player that’s very unproven. This club is a money pit. They might as well resign Balotelli...I think he’d be a better fit.
on the 14th July, 2019 at 1:59pm
@ Pinturrichio - I sense some fear there bud. Doesn't fit the script of purchasing a 112 million dollar 33 year old and end up losing again in Europe does it? Mind your own backyard.
on the 14th July, 2019 at 1:52pm

yeah, go ahead.
Clown club vs cheater of italy, perfect match.
on the 14th July, 2019 at 11:40am
Maybe if he was cheaper. The money utd are lucking for is ridiculous. Look elsewhere, such as Rebic as suggested. Need to be wiser with the money
on the 14th July, 2019 at 11:35am
@ Pinturicchio. Is that you Wanda?
on the 14th July, 2019 at 11:26am
Of course Lukaku is perfect for Inter!

A broken player for a broken club, why wouldn't it be a perfect match?

Cheers for the clown-party which is the summer mercato for the clown club of Italy!
on the 14th July, 2019 at 10:56am

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