Saturday July 20 2019
Sacchi: 'Why would Juve want Icardi?'

Arrigo Sacchi can’t understand why Maurizio Sarri would want Inter striker Mauro Icardi at Juventus. “It’d create more complications.”

There are multiple reports Icardi is rejecting all offers so that he can go to Juve this summer and play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Icardi is a specialist in his role, but would struggle within a concept of total football,” argued Grande Milan Coach Sacchi on Sport Mediaset.

“Besides, at Juve he’d fill many of the spaces that generally are left free for Cristiano Ronaldo to cut inside to go through.

“Sarri is a great Coach with marvellous abilities to teach players new things, but I ask myself why he’d want to create more complications.”