Sunday July 21 2019
Ancelotti: James, Elmas, Napoli...

Carlo Ancelotti says Napoli are still negotiating for James Rodriguez, Eljif Elmas is ‘details’ away from signing and ‘the time has come to win.’

CalcioNapoli24 and Radio Caracol are both reporting that James is on his way to Atletico Madrid, but Ancelotti is still confident Napoli can get their man.

“I’m not aware of a deal with Atletico,” the Coach told TV Luna.

“We’re still talking for James, a player that I really like. I’m very attached to James, I rate him very highly and he can certainly improve our team.

“He doesn't need to re-announce himself, he’s a great player. But he’s not the only player we’re openly negotiating for. We’re assessing many players.

On the other hand, the former Milan boss was more enthusiastic about Fenerbahce midfielder Elmas.

“We’re very close and I hope a deal closes quickly. He’s a very interesting player and we’re defining the final details. I hope he arrives before we leave Dimaro.

“We were looking for a player skilled at playing between the lines, and Elmas has a lot of quality.

“The squad is already very complete. We have to take a little step at a time. We’re very close to the top.

“We’ll be happy as of August 31. Napoli are working and nothing is impossible, but then there are the wants of the players or problems with the clubs or agents.”

The 2019-20 campaign marks 20 years since the Partenopei last won the Scudetto, while their wait for a European trophy is even longer...

“The time has come to win. We all want to win. Victory mustn’t be an obsession for us because otherwise it becomes a pipedream.

“it must be a great dream that we all want to achieve together. Talking about second place makes me shudder.”