Tuesday July 30 2019
Roma right step for Higuain

Roma can provide the outlet Gonzalo Higuain needs to reboot his career after Juventus, Milan and Chelsea struggles, writes Emmet Gates.

Gonzalo Higuain finds himself at a delicate crossroads late in his career. At one time regarded as the best striker in Serie A, the 31-year-old has seen an almighty dip in over the last 12 months.

The emotionally fragile striker was told in no uncertain terms that with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Higuain era at Juventus was over. Pipita tried his best to argue his case, even returning from vacation in lean shape (arguably the leanest he’d ever been), but the dye was already cast.

What followed was a nine-month car crash of a season: shipped off on loan to Milan, Higuain started brightly enough, scoring five times in the opening months, and then came the game against Juventus in November.

On a bloody-minded mission to prove that his parent club made a mistake in ruthlessly discarding him, Higuain slowly unraveled before a worldwide audience and 78,000 people inside San Siro. Having won a penalty for Milan after Mehdi Benatia intercepted his run with a hand, Higuain duly missed with a tame effort that could’ve restored parity in the game.

Five minutes after Ronaldo made it 2-0 late in the game, Higuain’s descent into desperation was complete when he got himself sent off for remonstrating with referee Paolo Mazzoleni a little too enthusiastically. Higuain went ballistic and had to be forcibly held back by Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli and his old teammate Giorgio Chiellini.

Higuain never recovered. He scored once more for Milan before they realised that he wasn’t justifying the hefty wages they’d agreed to take on with Juve. He was then sent on loan to Chelsea, with Juve hoping that Higuain’s old mentor Maurizio Sarri could reinvigorate him.

The Argentine looked cumbersome in the Premier League, and in 14 matches registered only five goals. Unsurprisingly, Chelsea also opted out of making the loan permanent and returned to sender at the end of the season.

Now back at Juve, Higuain by all accounts is digging his heels in and refusing to consider a third move away from Turin. Yet is it pointedly obvious that he isn’t wanted by the club, nor even by Sarri, who has a ludicrous selection of attacking talent at his disposal.

A switch to Roma, who have been linked to Higuain all summer, would arguably be the best for him at this stage of his career. At Roma he would be a guaranteed starter, and whilst the pressure in Rome can be filled with fishbowl-like intensity, there isn’t the same pressure as Juve and Milan.

With the departures of Daniele De Rossi and Kostas Manolas, Higuain could be looked upon as a senior member of a fairly young, inexperienced squad. Despite his fragile tendencies, this might be a challenge he accepts, and, if he gets his head right, he could potentially guide Roma back into the top four.

The potential for this to be a move that suits all parties is big. Whether or not Higuain accepts the journey south is a different matter. It could be the beginning of his resurgence, to reclaim his reputation a striker to be feared. It could just be a reminder as to why Juventus paid €90m for him three years ago.

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There ain't much to worry about roma anymore. Yeah they sold salah and alisson but salah hit to another level at liverpool; alisson for huge return & money ransom. This midfield base is new but double as young than that of radja de rossi and strootmen. This roma breathing dragon flame with huge amount of possibility. And it based on zaniolo, pellegrini. This two MUST NOT BE SOLD.
on the 31st July, 2019 at 8:15pm
Oh John Smith...would be nice if you knew a thing.

Don't know that this suits Roma. Schick's standout first touch has been standing out a bit poorly, but he's talented and suits their revamp. The mistake with De Rossi is just that: A big mistake. De Rossi is (should be) the exception, but Roma are going young and should go young. They should also resign De Rossi for the 2nd half of the season and give him the band outright.

Roma need to keep Schick and stick to what they're doing.
on the 31st July, 2019 at 5:11pm
A giant again with Higuain? Are you serious? He is old, slow and has a terrible attitude. Why would any team, even one that needs help like Roma, want to have him on their roster? Your point is baseless and he is unwanted across European football!
on the 31st July, 2019 at 12:54pm
I don't think Dybala is going to Man Utd and Lukaku the other way. I think this is more Utd/Agent(s) trying to drive up Inters offer for him. If Juve let Higuain/Kean/Mandzukic & Dybala go and replace with Lukaku... wow
on the 31st July, 2019 at 10:52am
Lukaku? and for 85m? I wouldn't pay 10m for that guy, and with Juve's squad bursting at the seems with strikers, I wouldn't pay a penny. To me exchanging Dybala for Lukaku+15m is like selling Dybala for 15m, I mean who does that. And what makes it even worse, why sell on-fire Kean and go for that?. I just can't make sense of this whole Lukaku case, for Juve or Inter.
on the 31st July, 2019 at 7:59am
I dont just see reason why we cant keep dybala and moise kean and sell higuain and mandzukic and use d money to get icardi
on the 31st July, 2019 at 7:15am
VERY ANGRY WITH NEDVED. How stupid are they to keep Higuain and sell Dybala and Kean. Very very stupid. We'll never win UCL like this
on the 31st July, 2019 at 5:59am
It's possible that Juve's main goal is to f'up the transfer of Lukaku to Inter and r using Dybala as a pawn and won't actually sell him. They r known to sabotage their competition. Look at how they poached Higuain from Napoli. I find these tactics extreme but they run their ship like this. I wanted to see Sarri try Dybala as a false 9. I would never ship Dybala for Lukaku. They should be trying to get players that compliment existing players and improve the midfield. WTF they doing with Lukaku?
on the 31st July, 2019 at 2:57am
@ Juulesy Exactly. If Juve decided that Dybala doesn't fit in (Which I can't understand why he doesn't) then they should just sell him for 100mill and go out and buy someone else like Jesus, Sane or dare I say Neymar? They also must've known they don't want him for a while so why wait so long and not sell him earlier and go for Felix? I just don't see how Lukaku fits into Sarri's style of quick technical interchanges.
on the 30th July, 2019 at 10:24pm
True Juventini need to start a DON'T SELL DYBALA AND WE DON'T NEED LUKAKU CAMPAIGN as soon as possible. Some insanity is gradually but steadily creeping into the heads of the directors of this club. This madness should stop right now.....The players who are who are supposed to leave the club are not being sold....Don't touch Dybala pleaasssse.
on the 30th July, 2019 at 8:37pm
@Anonymous I concur on the potential undoing of the good work. Sure Sarri can see how Dybala would be crucial to the quick interplaying style upfront which can then make our current roster of strikers more effective?! Lukaku/Icardi cannot produce without solid link up plays anyway. It would be a folly to get rid of Kean and Cancelo who can produce - tell them 'you have one job' and they'll do it unlike Higuain and waste of spaces like Khedira
on the 30th July, 2019 at 7:19pm
roma would be better off keeping dzeko and using the apparent money they have to pick up someone like mateta or ajeti who were more proficient in at goal scoring at 21 have the rest of their careers in front of them. if they sign higuain to just goes to show how poor the management of the club are at roma they refuse to renew de rossi contract to save money yet splash out on a ageing higuain. It is a bad choice for roma and higuain
on the 30th July, 2019 at 6:53pm
Hope Pipita does well wherever he ends up, but digging in his heels to stay at Juve isn't a great look. He needs to remember what Juve did to Marchisio, to realize they don't care about him or what he did in the past for the club. Hopefully Roma works out.
on the 30th July, 2019 at 5:39pm
This dude needs to play. His prima donna antics have been killing him for a little over a year now. If he doesn't put up or shut up, he'll find himself in MLS real quick.
on the 30th July, 2019 at 3:51pm
If I were Juventus I would tell Higuain that we would not play a single minute for Juventus. Then he can sit at home. He does not have the talent to play for a top 10 team worldwide. Roma is a good option for a couple of seasons.
Not a top 20 striker worldwide - but still fairly good.
on the 30th July, 2019 at 3:15pm
25million from Roma and a golden handshake to get him out the door. He's arguably worth more than that in this market but his high wages and the headaches caused by having a bloated squad mean Juve need to just get him out the door. Same applies to Khedira, Mandzukic and Matuidi. I'm worried Juve are going to undo there excellent transfer window by letting Kean, Dybala and Cancelo go and replacing them Lukaku and keeping Higuain.
on the 30th July, 2019 at 3:12pm
"the 31-year-old has seen an almighty dip in over the last 12 months" Yeah, maybe because he was a star, a huge success and a fan favourite in Turin and had a legal contract with Juve but was still turfed out from Juventus, sent unwillingly on dodgy loans out to Milan who were a complete shambles and awful Chelsea, where the goal keeper is in charge (need I say more).
Kean sold on the cheap, Mario given away for free, club is shipping out Costa & Dybala for.... Lukaku! Talent lean up front
on the 30th July, 2019 at 2:53pm
Roma can be called 'Giant' again with higuain and possibly Toby Alderweireld if signed.
on the 30th July, 2019 at 2:17pm

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