Tuesday August 6 2019
Juventus wrong to ditch Cancelo

Selling Joao Cancelo to Manchester City and receiving an inconsistent Danilo in the deal makes no sense for Juventus, writes Anthony Barbagallo.

Juventus are renowned for making smart business decisions in transfer windows by snapping up free signings, producing savvy acquisitions and occasionally purchasing that star player. But ever since the Bianconeri signed Aaron Ramsey, Adrien Rabiot, Merih Demiral and Matthijs de Ligt, the Italian champions have lost their way in the latter stages of this current window.

Selling Moise Kean to English Premier League side Everton was a short-sighted move, with the club management only thinking about financial gain rather than building up a future Italian star.

Juve fans were also anxious when Paulo Dybala looked destined to be in a swap deal with Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku, but that move has now faded in the last 48 hours. Of course, you never can tell in the current climate, so sports betting on Dybala at Old Trafford still has decent odds.

However, the transfer that has many Juventini currently bemused is the sale of Joao Cancelo to Manchester City in exchange for €30m and Danilo. It’s like Juventus are content with selling their Ferrari for an Alfa Romeo.

Ditching 25-year-old Cancelo – a key performer for the Serie A winners last season – is a grave mistake on all levels. Danilo, who is 28, has struggled to get playing time at Real Madrid, Manchester City and with the Brazilian national team ever since he left Porto back in 2015. The Brazilian full-back doesn’t even boast the versatile qualities that Cancelo possesses.

Even though the Bianconeri are going to end up with a reported €30m for their Portuguese star, they will still have to end up paying Danilo a hefty €4m wage per season. The only valid reason for Cancelo’s departure to England is that it might be due to personal disagreements with the Juventus management.

What’s also striking about this deal is that Juventini won’t get the chance to see Cancelo in action under Maurizio Sarri’s brand of football. The Portuguese international has the pace, touch, creativity and crossing ability that would unquestionably make him the perfect right-back for the ‘Sarrismo’ style of play. This case can also be applied to the Dybala saga, where Juve tried to sell a creative forward for a less versatile Manchester United striker.

With Danilo moments away from becoming a Juventino, the Scudetto holders need to be aware of the downgrade they are about to commit. There is no denying that Danilo is decent from the defensive aspect – producing good tackles and strong in holding on to the ball. However, the Manchester City defender is not a great crosser and doesn’t possess the mobility Cancelo has driving forward.

The Old Lady needs a full-back with offensive capabilities for this new attacking philosophy, not another defensive-minded option. Juve will now also be left with an older defender, increasing the average age of this already mature squad.

The Turin club is about to strengthen a Champions League rival, with Pep Guardiola realising that Cancelo might be the last piece of the puzzle for his elite Manchester City squad. If Juve are going all out on the European stage this campaign, then selling Cancelo for a benchwarmer is the first ingredient in a recipe for disaster.     

Only Juventus in this transfer window have been able to pull off a remarkable signing and then suddenly take two steps backwards in the process. This elusive European silverware dream has turned into an unhealthy obsession – one where Juve have been pushing some of their young talent out the door.

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Actually, ditching Spinazzola is the worse error of judgement by whoever is in charge of Juventus transfer policy these days.

The 26-year-old might have made only ten appearances for the Old Lady in seven years but last season he showed that he is almost certainly the most talented Italian left-back since Paolo Maldini. What Spinazzola has that so many so-called wing-backs do not, is the ability to go past opponents because he can dribble with both feet.

Alex Sandro can not do this.
on the 15th August, 2019 at 3:05pm
I am real worried about juve transfer policy. If this is the idea of Paratici to sell Cancelo for Danilo and to trade Dybala and Lukaku, then Juve is in trouble as there are more ridiculous moves coming up soon.
on the 9th August, 2019 at 7:07am
the problem is not fullbacks.
you cannot win champions league without strong defensive midfielder.. that how it works in the last 2 decades
on the 9th August, 2019 at 2:18am
FI is an aggregator Pintu - it is not journalism. and no one is spewing hate, casting aspersions or ad hominem but you. Mirko does understand - you don't show the same perception.
stop plucking the same guitar string and just stay off the comments section.
so cripplingly boring
on the 8th August, 2019 at 7:27pm
Don’t like it don’t read it! Not that hard to comprehend.
I know you are a self-loathing southern Italian person, which drives your hatred for Napoli and apparent love for Juve, which affects your emotions too much in an innocent comments section. It’s ok bro, you can reach out to me. Be proud of your southern heritage!
on the 8th August, 2019 at 6:50pm
The team not congealing well last year from an attacking standpoint was Allegri's fault I feel as it seems hero ball, with individual skills vs team play moving forward was the norm. But I'm surprised Cancelo + Dybala were offloaded so quickly now that Sarri arrived and is "supposed" to have a new approach. I get the feeling that Sarri is a type of coach if u give him a fiat he believes he can convert it into a Ferrari. Meaning he accepts any player decisions Juve mgmt makes. Which is troubling
on the 8th August, 2019 at 6:47pm
@Pinturicchio There seems to be a broad consensus that the only one here who doesn't have 'an iota of understanding' is you. Mirko is right. No one is forcing you to come here and read the articles. It's always clearly stated that it concerns rumors and they always mention their source. If you don't like it here, look for a website that doesn't frustrate you so much.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 6:17pm
@Mirko Just because you don't have a bone of righteousness or affection for your club, and you're as plastic as Man City / PSG fans, doesn't mean everyone else should be as well. Talk about not having an iota of understanding: I'm calling out FI for being a rumour-mill driven, tripe-sharing junk site. Why are you on fire if I lambast it? Does your family own it, or do you own it? 
on the 8th August, 2019 at 4:19pm
2/2 They should sell him for the right price (90 - 100m) Only reason I would keep him is because there aren't many world-class wingers available (just look at how much trouble Bayern have in replacing Ribery/Robben).

Your point of the first season makes not much sense. Juventus is a top club, if you underperform in your first season and a good offer comes in, it's reasonable to sell. If anyone would've made a decent offer for Emre Can, I'm sure they would've listened to it too.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 1:51pm
@ Dennis Your reply is about off topic as it can be. I didn't say anything about Dybala or Bernardeschi.

I don't try to justify it. Before I was sold I said that I don't mind him being sold for 60m and that the only thing I didn't like about the deal is that we get Danilo in return. Only reason I would've kept Cancelo is because there are not much decent right backs available. Same applies for Dybala. Very ineffectual and goes missing when the going gets though. 1/2
on the 8th August, 2019 at 1:48pm
Lol, the whole website is a compilation site that publishes rumours and news from a multitude of sources, particularly translating it for English speaking fans of Italian football, which are the majority user. Of course not all of it will be true you goose, but when they publish an editorial it is mostly in response to all but confirmed news.

If you have such a grievance to this site just stay off and be happy, no one forcing you to read the headlines and get needlessly triggered.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 12:42pm
@Mirko you pathetic troll, on the same day that Cancelo's transfer was completed, FI had simultaneously 2 articles running with 2 opposite meanings:

Cancelo deal off
Cancelo transfer almost completed

This comes on the back of
Higuain to Roma
Icardi to Juve
Lukaku to Juve (confirmed)
Dybala to ManU (200% confirmed)
James to Napoli/Atletico (confirmed)

That's called spamming you neanderthal.

STFU next time.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 11:24am
Your namesake was a rubbish winger when he first came to juventus from Bari and it was only when Lippi converted him to a left back before he became world class left back. Imagine if he was sold after his first season at juventus due to shortsightedness.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 10:30am
@Zambrotta so Bernadeschi was always on point? Yet a lot of posts on here want him in the first team. Dybala is a magnificent player but you can count on 1 hand how many good games he had compared to those were he was either ineffectual or just kept giving the ball away. Truth is that now Cancelo has been sold you guys are trying to justify it by consoling yourselves by recounting his bad days. This was his 1st season and he could have been coached to be a better defender after all your
on the 8th August, 2019 at 10:24am
Cancelo had an overall great start of the season, however after January-February he kept making too many mistakes defense-wise. Too many misplaced passes and honestly terrible defending cost Juve too many conceded goals. And some were more than important.
There is also obviously a reason why he can't remain in a club for more than a year.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 9:43am
@ Dennis

It seems like you don't watch many Juve games. The point isn't just that Cancelo is a defensive liability, he's also an attacking liability. Last year, he had great games, and all others were poor games in which he tried several runs forward and many dribbles and didn't pull one off.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 8:48am
'I'm just waiting for this rumour to die down, and as usual for FI to eat the muck they splash on their frontpage as "Done! Done! Done!" BS news. '

Hahahahahaha show some respect next time pal.
on the 8th August, 2019 at 8:09am
LOL so Juve are making these sales to make big moves? They just signed two damn good mids, both of whom can be world-class players.

Agree with that or not, how many mids do you think Juventus need? They want to be 3 deep in each midfield position and get weaker in a starting position at RB?

Icardi could work, sure...but I love the idea of Cristiano wanting him. A player who feeds on others sacrificing for him, playing WIDE of a pure poacher who NEEDS to be your leading scorer to be good.

on the 8th August, 2019 at 3:01am
that Cancelo is a very good player? Inter let him go and you guys are incredibly doing the same. Yes he makes errors and he is not defensively like Chiellini but do you really want a Darmian or De sciglio as your 1st choice full back talk less of Danilo? How many errors did De Gea make last season does that make him poor or was it not Buffon more than anyone that cost PSG dear against united. You put all those aside and concentrate on how they hurt the opposition. But whatever.
on the 7th August, 2019 at 4:21pm
I know but if Danilo had played against Juve in cl final and not the returning Carvajal, I think Juve would have won. That is how much rubbish I think he is. A lot of you want to get rid of Matuidi as well which is madness since he is the only 1 in that midfield that can let a creative midfielder flourish by doing all of the donkey work. Emre Can could do it but he fancies himself to be Zidane, not knowing his limitations. Meanwhile that useless berna gets good press cos he is Italian. Sure sign
on the 7th August, 2019 at 4:16pm
At Anon81 the big difference is way you and some Juve supporters look at things. I'm pretty sure Cancelo is not the only 1 that caused goals but going forward is what matters to City and attack minded sides. Marcelo has 4 cls but cannot defend for toffee. Alexander Arnold cannot defend but he has 1 cl. many others are like that who contributed hugely to their team's success. You are more obsessed with Cancelo's faults which I can live with cos of what he gives you the other way. Idle speculation
on the 7th August, 2019 at 4:10pm
@Dennis You sold one liability, and bought another. Cancelo was at fault for multiple goals last season with his sidways passing, and bad dribbling. He was also at fault for creating at least one penalty(Maybe more). Cancelo got the skills, but sadly he has terrible decision making.
on the 7th August, 2019 at 1:54pm
This has to be pretty much the worst transfer of the summer.

For all his defensive shortcomings, Cancelo is still the one of the top 5 RWBs in the world, whereas even an optimist would be hard-pressed to place a waste of a wingback like Danilo in the top 20.

Juventus' strength has always been defensive forte; and while I understand that attack is the second best type of defence, this move makes absolutely ZERO SENSE.

So disappointed in Paratici, this looks like Sarri's demand to be honest.
on the 7th August, 2019 at 1:26pm
City in 1 fell swoop have got a magnificent full back and got rid of a huge liability. Their manager and fans are not obsessed with how good you are defensively but how you can hurt the opposition. Danilo and Sandro at full backs give you athleticism but no skill or end product. Danilo is prone to the most basic of errors. Then you have de sciglio who offers oh so little. Transfer policy and strategy has got me so bemused
on the 7th August, 2019 at 10:26am
Juve took 3 steps forward and now taking 3 steps back.

Give Dybala a season with Sarri, if he doesn't prove himself, fair enough. Don't let another great talent go.

Kean was a tough one to see go, all Juventus fans could see the potential in him. Future Italian striker, we have been missing for years... Higuain + Manzukic are both on their last legs.

I hope Juve have something big up their sleeve...
on the 7th August, 2019 at 8:03am
Why big serie a clubs are letting go the best home grown italian talents like kean, cutrone ,perin, rugani to top uefa leagues. I worry they would spend most of their time in bench like we have seen in case of darmian, immobile, borini, cerci, santon. Only balotelli and pelle got quality playing time. I would have prefer these young guns rather play in lesser serie a teams and get first team action.
Ultimately the nazionale cause should be given top priority. Forza azzuri!
on the 7th August, 2019 at 5:24am
Cancelo was not the best defensively but was remarkably improving. And if u had to sell h, sell him big. He should attract €80M cash. The guys who should be sold cheap is khedira. €10M is great! Matuidi perhaps but he would be good squad player. Ramsey should start from bench if we get Ericksen or Pogba.
on the 7th August, 2019 at 4:42am
2. If they made those two signings they could line up something like this.


Danilo, De Ligt, Chiellini, Sandro

Eriksen/Ramsay, Pjanic, Rabiot

Berna, Icardi/Lukaku, Ronaldo

The midfield in that team is undoubtedly better than last season, and it's stronger defensively also which should allow them to control possession.

However, there is a severe lack of pace going forward which ultimately will cost them in the Champions League
on the 6th August, 2019 at 11:17pm
1. Juve look like they're raising funds for one or possibly two big transfers. Kean + Cancelo raised about £50mill, Dybala's sale would add a further £65mill. Matuidi, Mandzukic and Khedira would add another £25mill and then Possibly Higuain for another £25mill. All in all that's £165mill.

Those funds can be used to get Eriksen/Coutinho/Icardi/Isco/Pogba/SMS/Lukaku/Neymar

Ideally Eriksen who is apparently available for £50mill and then I guess Icardi or Lukaku even though neither are ideal
on the 6th August, 2019 at 11:13pm
Only having Costa may kill the blow of losing Cancelo. Stats didn't show his importance of moving the ball out of our half, taking on players. The game against Milan away comes to mind. Milan was all over us then Cancelo goes on his run keeper makes a save and Ronaldo scores the rebound. Also his man of match performance vs Valencia winning 2 penalties while we were 10 men. The key fact is we never lost a Champions League match with Cancelo starting. Juve will be searching for a full back in Jan
on the 6th August, 2019 at 9:25pm

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