Wednesday August 14 2019
Dybala still has much to give Juventus

Juventus need to think twice before letting a talent like Paulo Dybala leave, as Anthony Barbagallo insists La Joya can shine for Maurizio Sarri.

The recent sales of Italian starlet Moise Kean and Portugal international Joao Cancelo suggests that Juve is heading in entirely the wrong direction. Selling young talents and keeping aged players like Sami Khedira and Gonzalo Higuain means there is no future project in the works over at Turin. However, the bigger picture here is that the Bianconeri are slowly losing their identity.

By drastically changing the logo, slowly eradicating the black and white stripes on the shirt, mishandling the contracts of club legends, the sale of young talent and ticket prices rising, Juventus is no longer a representation of what it used to be. While other clubs like Liverpool, Real Madrid and Barcelona can win the Champions League without altering the club’s identity, Juve are willing to let go of their history and make unnecessary changes off and on the pitch so they can satisfy their European obsession.

Most Juventini are currently struggling to process all these considerable changes. But things could still get worse in this transfer window if the Scudetto holders sell Dybala abroad or include him in a deal to gain Inter’s Mauro Icardi.

The Juventus management should at least give Dybala a chance to play one season under the Maurizio Sarri system. The Argentina international boasts the versatility and qualities to thrive under an attack-minded Coach.

Over the last four seasons under Massimiliano Allegri, some of La Joya’s performances in front of goal have proven why he is such an asset to the Italian champions. Dybala has started strong in recent years, including his incredible 2018-19 Champions League group stage performance with five goals. However, consistency is something the 25-year-old still needs to work on. With Allegri no longer at Juve limiting Dybala’s freedom in attack, this seems like the ideal occasion to redeem himself in a more suitable game philosophy.  

During Dybala’s time at Palermo, many Serie A viewers saw the versatile forward play some of his finest football. He and Italo-Argentine Franco Vazquez made the Sicilian club one of the most exciting attacking sides to watch in the 2014-15 season. When Dybala is given a license to roam upfront, this is when his creativity and technical skills really come to fruition.

Under Sarri’s 4-3-3 formation, a front trio of Ronaldo, Dybala and Douglas Costa could cause a few headaches for defenders. Dybala’s lay-offs, through balls, passing and creativity could complement Costa’s pace and offer more goal-scoring chances for Ronaldo. This would be the best formula for Sarri going forward, especially with Dybala being more versatile than the likes of Higuain and Mario Mandzukic. But a player of this calibre should also be a permanent starter – not playing second fiddle to anyone.

The Juventus management thinking about the idea of selling Dybala is disturbing for many fans. If the Old Lady was to sell their classy No.10 for fellow Argentine Mauro Icardi, then the Turin club would be receiving the downgrade side of the deal.

Icardi is a more traditional centre-forward – boasting remarkable goalscoring instincts and an aerial threat inside the 18-yard box. However, the 26-year-old striker lacks the technicality to be involved in build-up play outside the box. Using Ronaldo as a striker and playing Dybala just behind is a system that would have the potential for success on a domestic and European scale.

Another reason why Juventus must hold on to their South American gem is due to age. Dybala can be the present and part of a future project. The majority of Juve’s attackers are all well into their thirties and don’t possess the technical and creative qualities that Dybala holds.

It is yet to be seen what happens to Dybala before the 2019-20 Serie A season kicks off next weekend. Juventus needs to stop thinking about another short-sighted move and give one of their most talented players a chance to perform in the new Sarri era. It would be a tremendous loss for Juventini if the club decides to sell their elegant and entertaining Joya – even worse for the Italian top flight if he joins a club abroad.

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I think the nearest best performance of the team is when playing against atletico at home (UCL). That's the spirit, mentality & pressing that we want see consistently.

Yes, we reach 2 final of the UCL before. But the performance is far from convincing. That's why we get maul by barca & real in the final.

It's sad to see we did everything to reach the final & bottle up in the end. It's not nice to be the most 2nd place finish in UCL.
on the 17th August, 2019 at 2:28am
La Vecchia Signora
Dybala was finished when Ronaldo arrived, the player or should I say god who brought Juve a scudetto! this is what happens when you base a team around one man who classes himself bigger than Juve. Before all come on here calling me a hater just look at the players who have had to be sacrificed for Ronaldo- commercial this mans the greatest but circling a whole set up around him has unsettled a good team with real future players being left behind!
on the 16th August, 2019 at 6:09pm
I think once the reality of Ronaldo' age hits we will all realise just how important he is for Juve. Juve menatality has changed, buying left, right and centre isn't the answer- when they fail at champions league AGAIN this season maybe it will sink in!
on the 16th August, 2019 at 5:59pm
The question i ask is,when will Dybala give what people think he is capable of.It maybe with Sarri in control he will.!!I have said it about Rugani and the same is for Dybala, he needs to step up and prove his worth.There is no doubt he has skills,but he needs to work on his pressing,tackling and general awareness.(he is not the only player in the squad that has to improve)

Forza Juve.
on the 15th August, 2019 at 5:21am
You know we actually sold Cancelo at a throw away price considering his talent. We also wanted to buy Lukaku? Paratici?? What is going on??! Is this Alessio Sacco all over again?
on the 15th August, 2019 at 5:04am
And why they rate bernadeschi so highly I cannot understand. Never once does he actually dribble at his man. gets the ball and arcs around doing nothing other than slowing the attack. Bernadeschi must translate to "irrelevant" in italian.
He is as bad as our current kit.
on the 15th August, 2019 at 2:58am
The team should be built around Dybala. When Juve played a 4-2-3-1 with him in the number 10 role they were unstoppable. Allegri switched to a 3-4-3 for some god unknown reason for the UCL final with dybala fielded out wide and we do not need to discuss what followed in that game and the following seasons where they insisted with playing 3 upfront.
Why they have been so stern in forcing Dybala out but so lenient with that fat f*** higuain is ridiculous.
on the 15th August, 2019 at 2:57am
I do have to agree that the logo is gross. I’ve never liked it, and I never will.

Bad bad move for whomever came up with that one.
on the 15th August, 2019 at 12:10am
“Selling young talents and keeping aged players like Sami Khedira and Gonzalo Higuain means there is no future project in the works over at Turin”

Even though I don’t support the sale of Kean and Cancelo, I found it extremely hard to argue that there is “no future project” at Juve. FOUR out of five new acquisitions are under 24 years. But in a balanced squad you also need experienced players like Khedira and Higuain.

De Ligt, 20 years
Pellegrini, 20 years
Demiral, 21 years
Rabiot, 24 years
on the 14th August, 2019 at 8:09pm
Dybala only had 1 “bad” season due to Allegri playing him out of position, giving him defensive duties and using him as a sub, yet he scored 5 in CL group stage.
He can create, dribble, score with both feet and is a freekicks specialist.
If Allegri let Dybala (and Pjanic) take care of freekicks then Dybala would surely have scored more - instead Allegri let Ronaldo waste 90% av Juves freekicks last season.
Ronaldo is turning 35 and isn’t Juves future - Dybala is.
Selling Dybala is madness.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 7:51pm
as long as the Clown is gone, Dybala will be happy and be deployed correctly under Sarri. Dybala has 20+ Goals in his feet. That's a guarantee.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 6:13pm
I defo wouldn't swap Dybala with Icardi. I remember someone at Inter saying that Icardi is in top five world my opinion he is not even in top 10. If Dybala leaves it would be better for his future career.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 6:05pm
It is rare to find a football writer who can actually think for himself these days, good work Mr Barbagallo.

You are quite correct in singing the praises of Dybala - his relegation to being a bit-part member of a still stuttering Juventus is much more about the current vogue for functionality over creativity than the form or talent of the player himself.

He absolutely needs to play, as does the considerably underrated Douglas Costa. But Sarri has shown he only knows one way to play so far.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 5:33pm
Icardi isn't a downgrade on Dybala. He's actually a very technically gifted player who's good at creating chances for others. He just doesn't tend to drop deep to link up play as much as he could/should.

The reason Juve want him is due to his goal scoring abilities in the big games, something Dybala lacks.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 2:49pm
@ricardo I think you are getting bernadeshi mixed up with dybala. because it is when he came on for dybala that that juve actually played better. juve mgmt. have looked at dybala over several season playing many formations 4231 or 433. he has failed on the biggest stage. c.league final vs real Madrid anonymous; 1st leg at home vs real Madrid he gets sent off stupidly,then this season at home vs ajax he starts and is completely anonymous. there is something wrong with his mental makeup.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 2:44pm
"By drastically changing the logo, slowly eradicating the black and white stripes on the shirt, mishandling the contracts of club legends, the sale of young talent and ticket prices rising, Juventus is no longer a representation of what it used to be."

this is absolutely spot on and highlights the feeling from a lot of Juve fans.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 12:31pm
I find the anti-dybala sentiment from some juve fans baffling!

the Ronaldo vanity project is a complete failure unless we win the champions league, which if we do,it will be ronaldo's victory -not Juve's.

with ronaldo up top juve played dreadful football last year. the duo of dybala and higuain meant a more balanced team and a more pleasing style. lets not forget we reached the final with those two up front.

against A Madrid Juve were flat - dybala came on last 20 mins and we improved up top
on the 14th August, 2019 at 12:22pm
Dybala needs to step up from last year but confidence is bound to be low given Allegri's handling (non handling) of our attack. Thank God Inter whingers got Lukaku as Dybala swap was insane. Cancelo and Spinazzolla were best full backs we had last year in CL - don't understand sales. Logo, excellent and now instantly recognisable world wide brand; shirts diabolical, more not less stripes please. Excited and apprehensive in equal measure for 20/21. Forza Juve.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 12:18pm
a few things in this article are incorrect. kean wanted to play more but at the time juve was struggling to offload higuain who would not leave. I think they did the best thing for moise future. Cancelo cant defend it is a simple as that. I actually think juve missed a trick. I would sold Dybala for Pogba or isco. isco is still a possibility and I believe juve should go after him. juve wants to win the c.league and the problem with Dybala it is on this stage that he shrinks. a sale is good
on the 14th August, 2019 at 12:18pm
This article is spot on. Swapping Cancelo for Danilo and selling Kean (and Dybala?) is madness. Keeping old slow players like Higuain and Khedira (Cuadradro, Matuidi, Mandzukic, Perin) is crazy too. Changing the logo was a loss too.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 12:12pm
i knew he would turn into poison if he stayed, and against ronaldo? he left a season ago, performs disgracefully and expects loyalty? nope. bye bye.!!
on the 14th August, 2019 at 11:08am
liking tweets against Ronaldo? not a great idea. i knew he would be poison if he stayed.out.... now!
on the 14th August, 2019 at 11:07am
I don't mind if Dybala stays or goes. If he goes, they should get a decent price for him (90 - 100m) and reinvest in a world-class right-winger (which might be hard to come by).

If he stays, he should play in the center and maybe we can keep Mandzukic as a back-up. We would need another winger though as Ronaldo, Costa and Bernardeschi aren't enough.

Also, I hope that Neymar goes to Real Madrid. If Mbappe wants to move next year, we might have a decent shot at getting him.
on the 14th August, 2019 at 10:54am
2/2 a better job defensively as a right back.

I don't mind the logo change, but I agree that losing the black and white stripes isn't good. The new shirts look hideous.

Also, 'another shortsighted move'? Like buying De Ligt? It's not like we've been trying to sell Higuain, Matuidi, Mandzukic and Kedhira. It's not like moving cattle. If those players don't want to move, what can you do? At least they're not treated like Icarde so they lose all value...
on the 14th August, 2019 at 10:50am
Some of these things should really be put into perspective. Kean's contract was about to expire and he wanted to be a starter. A transfer was the only option or we would've lost him on a free next year. Other clubs knew this so we didn't have much leverage.

What's people's obsession with Cancelo? If he was that good, why did he struggle to get games for his NT and wasn't even selected to go to the WC? I don't mind getting 30 mil and a decend back-up like Danilo. Cuadrado will probably do 1/2
on the 14th August, 2019 at 10:46am

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