Monday August 26 2019
Marotta: 'Irritated by Icardi and Wanda'

Director Beppe Marotta said Inter felt “irritation” at Wanda Nara’s comments and warned Mauro Icardi will not be welcomed back.

The striker was told at the start of the summer that he was not part of their plans and would not be included in the squad, but he has rejected every transfer opportunity.

His wife and agent Wanda Nara spoke on television last night, assuring he would continue to turn down any option because he wanted to stay at Inter.

“We greeted Wanda Nara’s comments with a pinch of irritation, both for the timing and the method,” Marotta told DAZN before tonight’s game with Lecce.

“I can also categorically deny that someone at the club told Icardi to stay at Inter, especially not President Steven Zhang.

“The strategy Inter have taken is precise and we communicated it clearly in the right time-frame. We’ll continue like this to the end and nobody at Inter can change this common approach that is shared by everyone.”