Saturday August 31 2019
Giampaolo: 'I make Milan choices'

Marco Giampaolo defended his decisions after Milan beat Brescia 1-0. “If Krzysztof Piatek is on the bench, it’s not the end of the world. Lucas Paqueta must be less Brazilian.”

Hakan Calhanoglu’s early header on a Suso cross was decisive at San Siro, but the tactician’s starting XI with Andre Silva caused a lot of confusion among fans.

“Every game requires its own choices and in this one I chose Andre Silva and Bennacer,” the Coach told DAZN.

“Milan have a strong squad, so I have the option to choose between various alternatives. I don’t know if Andre Silva is leaving before the transfer deadline, but he is a professional, he is at our disposal and therefore he can play.

“Piatek is a great player, but if he is on the bench occasionally, the world isn’t going to end. Players must think only of giving their all for Milan, then I’ll make my decisions. Maybe I saw he wasn’t quite as sharp during the week in training as some others.”

Paqueta was also left on the bench, but could he not perhaps be the trequartista that Giampaolo is looking for?

“In the way I see things, Paqueta can be an excellent mezz’ala. He just needs to learn to be a little less Brazilian at times, more solid and less playful.

“I think he can be a mezz’ala, but then in the final 10 minutes, in some situations, he could be used as a trequartista, but I like a player who is more attacking in his characteristics.”

The victory was certainly an improvement, but other than the goal, it wasn’t that much stronger a performance than their 1-0 defeat to Udinese.

“We have a lot of work to do, we did some good things and ran very few risks, even if we did lost control of the game at one point. We need to work together and are still gelling as a team.”