Sunday September 1 2019
Lazio ultras plan derby protest

Lazio ultras announced a protest during today’s derby with Roma, as the club failed to express condolences for a murdered leader.

The case shocked the city of Rome last month when Fabrizio Piscitelli, known to all as Diabolik, was shot in the back of the head from point-blank range in what police described as an execution.

He had several court cases on his record involving drug dealing and it’s believed the murder was motivated by these criminal links.

Some ultras groups also pointed out Piscitelli had not been part of their circle for some time.

However, the Irriducibili group attended his funeral with flags and banners, today announcing they will sit in silence for the first half of the Roma game.

They are protesting because Lazio did not publicly express their condolences for the murdered fan.

“Silence in the first half and a cauldron after the break,” read their statement on Radiosei.

“We only support Lazio, there is indifference for the players and the club.”

Players have also been urged not to celebrate under the Curva Nord, even if there is a goal or a victory, before or after the game.

Inter ultras, who are twinned with Lazio, did dedicate their entire Curva display to Diabolik during the opening home game against Lecce (pictured).