Thursday September 5 2019
Wanda: 'I had Icardi ace up my sleeve'

Wanda Nara insists there was a strategy behind Mauro Icardi’s last-minute move from Inter to PSG. “If I waited until the last moment, it’s because I had an ace up my sleeve.”

The forward maintained all summer that he loved Inter and did not want to leave, rejecting transfers to Napoli, Roma, Monaco and more.

He even took legal action against the club, demanding €1.5m in compensation and immediate reintroduction to complete training sessions.

Just days later, he completed a deadline day loan move with option to buy for Paris Saint-Germain.

“If I waited until the last moment, it’s because I had an ace up my sleeve,” Icardi’s wife and agent Wanda told Argentine show Morfi Telefe.

“Nobody knew, not even the kids. There was never a serious proposal from Boca Juniors.”

Icardi has now begun training in Paris, but Wanda remains in their Milan home overlooking San Siro.

“Mauro packed a small suitcase and left the rest to me. The kids go to school in Italy, so we’ll live between Milan and Paris. Of the three options we had, PSG was the worst for me, because I have to go back to live in Milan with the kids.

“But I thought of what was best for him. There were many important Italian clubs who wanted him and it would’ve been easier.”

Wanda’s role as wife, agent and also Italian TV pundit has caused friction and many believe her comments on television about his teammates sparked the rot at Inter.

“I’ve been offered the chance to represent other players, the husbands of my friends, but I can’t because looking after Mauro’s interests is already very intense. I do it for love of Mauro.”

She was also asked about her ex-husband Maxi Lopez posting a picture of him posing with PSG striker Neymar on the same day Icardi signed for the club.

“It was an old photograph, not a current one. I want to think it was a coincidence, because all the players know each other.”