Saturday September 7 2019
Inter fans send new Lukaku letter

After the racist abuse from Cagliari fans and even more shocking Inter ultras defending them, other Nerazzurri supporters wrote an open letter to Romelu Lukaku.

The incident and above all the aftermath sent shockwaves around the world, hitting the New York Times and the front page of The Guardian, among others.

What stunned everyone was the open letter written by a group of Inter ultras in the Curva Nord, who insisted to Lukaku that the insults were not “racism,” but rather to be taken as a compliment of how much the opposition fans feared him and were willing to go in order to put him off his stride.

Now a different Inter ultras group has released an open letter to Lukaku countering that argument, proving it was only a minority that would defend this behaviour.

“Hi Romelu, the statement from the Curva was real, you genuinely read that, some people really did believe it and had the courage to publish it. Really,” wrote the group on Ranocchiate blog.

“However, we want you to know that those were not INTERISTI. We’re not talking about politics, because you’ll find people from the left, right, centre or those who don’t know or care about politics.

“We are talking about the values of being an Inter fan and a human being, which guarantee the contents of that letter was unadulterated filth.

“We want you to know that you are not going crazy: those noises you heard were not just ‘boo’ but genuine monkey impressions. In Italy, you should know, there are many who consider black people to be monkeys.


“And no, it is not a way of supporting the team, because having them play behind closed doors the weekend after creates more problems than ever.

“And no, shouting ‘damn n***o’ is not banter.

“And yes, racism is still a huge problem in Italy, despite what they may tell you.

“And no, don’t stop this battle you had the courage to start, just because someone is trying to avoid punishment.

“We have had season tickets for time immemorial, but – and we hope we’re talking for all INTERISTI here, we’d prefer the stadium to be closed rather than allow something this disgusting to go unpunished.


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