Wednesday September 18 2019
Quag: Rarely spoke to Giampaolo

Fabio Quagliarella claims he and Milan boss Marco Giampaolo “talked only 5-6 times” during their three years together at Sampdoria.

Quagliarella played arguably his best football under Giampaolo at Samp before the Coach moved to Milan, and the Italy striker was asked to compare him to Inter boss Antonio Conte ahead of the derby on Saturday.

“Antonio Conte improves you in every regard, in terms of character and mentality, the mentality that he only wants to win,” the 36-year-old told DAZN.

“He tells you immediately: ‘If I lose or draw, don’t talk to me.’ He’s a winner, he has his ways and he’s tough. I can assure you of that.

“We always said: Conte lacks a Playstation-type of joypad. He dictates all the steps and gets carried away by enthusiasm, but he’s a winner and I believe that this season, Inter will be up there and cause a stir.

“Giampaolo, as a person, is much more introverted, more withdrawn: in three seasons here at Samp, we talked only 5-6 times and in fact it was me who went over to talk to him.

“He always told me that everything was perfect. In terms of working, Conte and Giampaolo are similar in the sense that they leave nothing to chance.

“They control all the details and it’s those details that make the difference, they always repeat them to you.

“In terms of approach to games, they’re very similar.”