Wednesday October 9 2019
Buffon named UN Ambassador

Gianluigi Buffon has been named UN Goodwill Ambassador for the World Food Programme, but assured he is “still a football player and a competitive one at that.”

The Juventus goalkeeper announced the new title in a Press conference this evening.

“I was very proud to receive the call and accepted quickly, as I love a challenge,” said Buffon.

“I don’t kid myself that I can change the world, but can give my small contribution by setting an example. We need to create a contagious system of virtue that can do good and, bit by bit, we can feed all those who need it.

“Unfortunately, we have become almost numb to the stories of people dying of hunger. I want to roll my sleeves up, get my hands in the earth and sweat for the cause. It’ll be an extraordinary adventure and I accepted because I saw this as an opportunity for personal growth.

“I want to be clear that my job is still to be a football player, and a competitive one at that, as I remain in good shape. There will be the time to be on the field and to experience certain situations face-to-face. I don’t want to just be a figurine standing there in front of a banner, as I wouldn’t have agreed to that.

“I’d like to spread this message to everyone within and beyond the football world. The primary objective is to make people aware of the problem, to realise ‘in my own way, I too can help.’ When there are many, we can achieve great things together.”