Saturday October 19 2019
Ibrahimovic: 'My bet with Lukaku'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic warned Inter not to “expect good technique from Romelu Lukaku” and revealed a bet they made at Manchester United.

The LA Galaxy forward gave a lengthy interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport and you can read the rest of it here.

He was asked about the current situation at one of his former clubs, Inter.

“Mauro Icardi’s statistics speak for him, but then I have a weakness for those who work their socks off for their teammates,” said Zlatan.

“I will say this on Romelu: don’t expect good technique from Lukaku, but his best strength is sheer power. If only he’d listened to me…

“At Manchester United, we made a bet: ‘I’ll give you £50 for every decent first touch you make.’ He replied: ‘What do I win if I get them all right?’

“I told him nothing, he would simply become a better player. For the record, he never accepted the bet! Perhaps he was afraid of losing…

“Joking aside, Lukaku has this mad hunger to prove himself to the world and I’m sure he will do well at Inter too.”