Monday October 28 2019
Wanda: 'Icardi close to Milan'

Wanda Nara reveals Mauro Icardi could have joined Inter’s arch-rivals Milan as “it would have been more comfortable for me.”

Icardi ultimately left Inter for Paris Saint-Germain over the summer, but Wanda claims Milan werea real possibility for her husband.

“We had the possibility to take Mauro to Milan,” she said on Tiki Taka.

“Personally it would have been a more comfortable choice, to stay in Milan, but a team like PSG have been the best decision of his career.

“Going to France was a difficult choice for me, seeing as I have just arrived here from Paris and tomorrow I go back. My children are in Paris. But this was better for Mauro’s career.

The striker has started his spell at Parc des Princes with already seven goals in as many games.