Thursday October 31 2019
Marchisio: 'I'd never seen a real gun'

Claudio Marchisio revealed what was going through his mind when an armed gang held him at gunpoint in his home.

The Italy and Juventus star was the victim of a terrifying home invasion when armed robbers broke into his house and held his wife at gunpoint, forcing them to hand over valuables.

“They had their guns pointed at our heads. It was tough, as I’d never seen two real guns before,” Marchisio told the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

“Fortunately, we managed to stay clear-headed. There were five men who broke into our home in Vinovo, they were asking me where we kept the safe. I told them we didn’t have one, but they didn’t believe me. We really don’t.

“At that point, they took everything they could find and then left. I was frightened for myself and my wife Roberta. Thank heavens the kids weren’t at home. They’d gone to play football and their Grandfather hadn’t brought them back yet.

“In fact, their coach was the first to suspect something was wrong, because we didn’t answer the phone. When the robbers realised someone was concerned, they started to rush. That was a stroke of real luck.”

Shows of solidarity and affection flooded in for Marchisio and his family, including via social media, but there are always some who cannot resist making a bad situation worse.

“I know these incidents happen all the time, all over the world. This time it happened to us and fortunately we are safe and sound to tell the tale. That’s the most important thing, because I care little for the material possessions that were taken.

“What remains is the fear, but despite it all, we were able to stay calm, even with a gun pointed to our heads.

“We’ve been thinking about moving home for years, but not due to security concerns, we just wanted to be closer to the centre of Turin.

“Some social media posts don’t even need comment. When I express my ideas, I always maintain respect for others.

“Social media can help us to discover more about our lives. I prefer to use social media to express our desire for a better world. Others, instead, use it to insult people.”

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