Monday November 4 2019
Balotelli: 'No longer about football'

Brescia striker Mario Balotelli hit back at Verona ultras, calling them “ignorant, small-minded people” and warning “this is not about football anymore.”

Verona ultras chief Luca Castellini controversially told Radio Cafe earlier how the racial abuse suffered by Balotelli during Brescia’s 2-1 defeat at the Bentegodi was “folklore” and part of their fan “culture”.

That prompted the 29-year-old to respond on Instagram: “Listen, my friends, this is not about football anymore.

“You are implying about a social and historical situation much bigger than you small-minded people. You guys are losing it. Wake up, you ignorant people.”

His defence also included repeated instances of the racial slur ‘n***o’, as well as the claim that the Azzurri striker could never be completely Italian.

“But when Mario scored and still guarantees to score goals for Italy, you were fine with it?”