Tuesday November 5 2019
Conte: 'Inter mistakes in planning'

Antonio Conte was both disappointed and furious after a 3-2 defeat at Borussia Dortmund. “Big mistakes were made in planning this season. I am fed up of saying it.”

Just like with Barcelona, the Nerazzurri dominated the first half and had a comfortable lead only to fall apart entirely after the break.

This time, they were 2-0 up through Lautaro Martinez and Matias Vecino goals, but Achraf Hakimi ran riot and scored twice, while creating constant problems down the Dortmund right.

“It was the same thing that happened in Barcelona. In fact, this was worse, as we had a two-goal advantage,” shrugged a visibly downhearted Conte on Sky Sport Italia.

“It’s disappointing, but what can I say? They tell me that I should smile more on television. I should always say the same things, the growth process, taking it step by step, so just ask me some questions and I’ll try to answer.

“I don’t feel like even commenting on the second half, as there are too many alibis and I don’t want to create any more. I just hope this type of match clarifies things for those who need to understand.

“The lads are going at 100km/h and I can only thank them for all they are doing during this period. They cannot give more than this.

“It irritates me and I hope that this defeat irritates my players too. We can do no more than to work and that’s what we’re doing. I am just fed up of saying the same things over and over, I hope a director comes here and says things instead.

“I don’t care about January or February. We should’ve planned this season out much, much better. We proved that we can trouble anyone if we are on form, but there are players who have played non-stop. I am fed up of saying it. You can take your conclusions from a second half like that.

“It’s not about the club, it’s that we have to work together and big mistakes were made. We cannot play in Serie A and the Champions League constantly pushed to the limits.

“I also have to talk to the players, because we went from 4-1 up to 4-3 with Sassuolo too, so it’s not just that, but the players do have alibis and there’s no point denying our current condition.

“We are Inter, so we must all look at ourselves and realise we are… actually, I was going to cause controversy again, but no, stop me talking now.

“I am really p***ed off, because we cannot do more than this. We’ve reached the limit.”

Group F is shaping up to be closer than anyone expected, because Barcelona have only eight points from four games, while Borussia Dortmund now follow on seven.

Inter have four points and Slavia Prague two, as they drew 0-0 at Camp Nou today, having played a 1-1 result at San Siro in their opener.

As they beat Borussia Dortmund 2-0 at home and lost 3-2 away, they technically have a superior head-to-head record, which could still be important.

Inter will qualify if they win both remaining matches away to Slavia Prague and at home with Barcelona, because Baca and Borussia will take points off each other.