Wednesday November 6 2019
Could Ancelotti quit Napoli?

There are multiple conflicting reports around Napoli, suggesting Carlo Ancelotti could resign or even be fired, after the team mutinied against a training retreat.

The situation exploded last night after the 1-1 Champions League draw with RB Salzburg.

The squad was meant to remain in the training retreat until this weekend’s Serie A game with Genoa, but they suddenly all went back to their homes from the Stadio San Paolo.

Only Ancelotti, who refused to speak to the media even for contractually-obliged interview and press conference slots, and his staff took the team bus back to the training retreat on Tuesday evening.

All reports point to the players rebelling against club orders and refusing to continue the retreat, although there are also suggestions Ancelotti backed the squad, seeing as he had already stated during a press conference that he was “against the decision” to call a ‘ritiro’ in the first place.

This has created a serious split between coach and President Aurelio De Laurentiis and it could prompt radical action.

La Gazzetta dello Sport claim Ancelotti is prepared to resign his post, while Sport Mediaset and Si Gonfia La Rete reporter Raffaele Auriemma insists De Laurentiis is ready to fire his coach, maybe even today.

Napoli have remained completely silent throughout the entire situation, refusing even to give UEFA an explanation for why they scrapped the planned press conferences.

Everyone is now waiting for some sign from the club, as the silence is only allowing speculation to run wild.

What we do know is that the club released a normal training report, entirely ignoring the controversy and change of plans, while this morning the hotel rooms set to host the players were cancelled. That means they sat empty and paid for last night.

The players all returned home after this morning's session.