Friday November 15 2019
Acerbi: 'Italy on right track'

Francesco Acerbi believes Italy are “on the right track” and can have their say at Euro 2020, as he celebrated his first international goal.

The defender scored the opener in Bosnia and Herzegovina, setting the scene for a 3-0 victory, but it was also his debut goal for the Azzurri.

“It was a great performance, but a difficult game against a side that had nothing to lose and they created a few chances, but then we did well to score three goals. It could’ve been more, but we appreciate the clean sheet,” the Lazio star told Rai Sport.

“We’ve had an excellent qualifying campaign, there are strong teams at Euro 2020, but winning is never easy. We have young players, but also experienced ones, we’ll see what happens. We know that we are on the right track.”

Acerbi is emerging as first choice to stand in for Giorgio Chiellini during the Juventus captain’s injury.

“Chiellini is a beast! We are waiting for him with open arms, he’s probably the best centre-back in Italy. I have no doubts he’ll return stronger than ever.”