Monday November 18 2019
Piatek: 'I'll be worth €70m'

Krzysztof Piatek admits his life has been transformed in Serie A with Genoa and Milan. “The next time I change club, I’d like to be worth €60-70m.”

The last 18 months have been a whirlwind for the 24-year-old, as he joined Genoa in the summer of 2018 for €4.5m, then moved to Milan in January for €35m plus €3m in bonuses.

“When I moved to Milan, it all happened so quickly that I never even stopped to ask myself what was going on,” he told TVP Sport.

“I am worth €38m now, but the next time I change club, I’d like it to be for €60-70m. I have to be ambitious and will work hard for that to happen. After all, I am at the start of my career, it’s only my second season in Serie A, one of the top five leagues in Europe.”

Piatek was given a warm welcome at San Siro following his transfer and found it a whole new world.

“I was shocked. In the first game against Napoli, I was wearing headphones, but could clearly hear the entire stadium singing my name and applauding. They treated me as if I’d been playing there for years and appreciated me from the first day.

“You can see my Instagram profile as well to see how my life has changed. When I left Poland, I had 5,000 followers, now I have 1.5m. I appreciate popularity and that fans want to have their pictures taken with me, but the most important thing is the football.”

That has proved an issue lately, as Milan supporters cooled on Piatek following a goal drought.

“I look in the mirror and try to take responsibility. At the start, as a team in general, we didn’t create many scoring opportunities. I am improving and I will get back to firing those guns (of his Pistolero celebration).

“Italian journalists treat you like the Pope of football one day and the worst player the next. I accept that and I’m not bothered by front page headlines.”