Thursday December 5 2019
Corriere dello Sport responds

Corriere dello Sport has broken its ‘Black Friday’ silence, claiming it’s an “innocent title” transformed into “poison” by those who have it “inside them”.

A storm was caused by the front page of the Corriere dello Sport on Thursday morning and now the newspaper has replied with a comment, hitting out at so-called ‘virtue-signallers’.

"Digital platforms? I would say dustbins,” the comment written by editor-in-chief Ivan Zazzaroni starts. “Made up of noble grudges. Cheap indignation.

“A nice thought a day keeps the doctor away. Armies of right-minded people flock to the web these days, to turn their beautiful souls white. Having identified the racist on duty, go, two strokes on the keyboard and the stain is gone. You feel like the better man in a better world. White, black, yellow.

“Denying the difference is the typical macroscopic stumbling block of the racist in the anti-racism. The mental suburbs of Sunday’s moralists, when Thursday has also become Sunday. ‘Black Friday’, for those who want and can understand it, was only the praise of difference, the pride of difference. If you don’t understand it, it’s because you can’t or because you do it.

“An innocent title, however, perfectly argued by Roberto Perrone, is transformed into poison by those who have the poison inside them.”