Friday December 20 2019
Flamengo: 'Gabigol deal done'

Flamengo President Rodlfo Landim insists the deal is done with Inter for Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa, despite continuing reports to the contrary. “We reached an agreement three months ago.”

The Brazilian club face Liverpool in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar tomorrow, and Landim claims they and Inter have already settled on a fee for the striker.

“As has been reported several times, Flamengo has been in contact with Inter for a long time. About three months ago, if I’m not mistaken, we reached a pre-agreement with Inter,” said the President to Fox Sports.

Gabigol has been a success with Flamengo, scoring 25 goals, including a brace to secure the Copa Libertadores just last month.

“Once we reached an agreement with Inter, we tried to speak with Gabigol and his agent. At that moment, he told us he preferred to settle it at the end of the season.

“We didn’t see any problem with that, as he wanted to stay focused.”

There has been speculation that Flamengo have agreed a fee with Inter well below the Nerazzurri's €22m asking price.