Thursday January 2 2020
Wanda: 'Icardi wanted to quit'

Wanda Nara reveals why her “women’s intuition” pushed her to reject Napoli and Juventus moves for PSG, while Mauro Icardi “wanted to quit football” before she became his agent.

The striker is still owned by Inter, having moved to Paris Saint-Germain on loan with option to buy at the end of the season, but it remains to be seen where he will be playing next term.

His wife and agent Wanda gave a lengthy interview with Italian magazine Gente, covering her controversial role in her husband’s career.

“Some unpopular decisions proved to be well-founded in the long run,” she assured.

“My greatest gift is intuition. A couple of months ago, all of Italy was saying I was going to ruin my husband, that he should’ve joined Napoli or Juventus.

“I felt something within me, a sixth sense, that women’s intuition we all have, that said: ‘Mauro has to leave Italy.’ It would’ve made our lives much easier to stay with an Italian club, but I thought only of what was best for him, not the whole family.

“It was a Thursday when he left for Paris, we spent the weekend together, then on Monday I woke up in our Milan apartment, alone with five kids. It was not an easy moment.”

Wanda wanted to make it clear that she was not seeking fame or fortune with Icardi, who was still an up and coming striker when they got together, and she was divorcing his ex-Sampdoria teammate Maxi Lopez.

“Everyone thinks I’m with Mauro for his money, but I was already rich and famous when we met. I fought to make my career a success, through so many casting sessions, rejections and journeys in Buenos Aires. I got there with determination.”

It is unusual for a star player to be represented by his wife, but Wanda reveals it was almost a far worse situation.

“Mauro had an agent that he trusted completely and blindly, someone who was like a second father to him, but ultimately let him down.

“One day, as he was trying to purchase an apartment, Mauro realised he’d been made to sign a contract in English that sold all the image rights money to his agent.

“My husband was distraught, he felt like he couldn’t trust anyone and wanted to quit football. He had to renew his contract with Inter and some clubs contacted me to act as mediator.”