Tuesday February 4 2020
Cairo: 'I understand the fans'

President Urbano Cairo has said that he can “understand” the angry Torino fans and expected a “completely different season, with better results”.

After another disappointing weekend, ending in a 4-0 defeat to Lecce, Cairo has been put under a huge amount of pressure by the Granata faithful.

He has acted by parting ways with Walter Mazzarri, who lead the club to the Europa League last season and has appointed a familiar face in Moreno Longo as the new head coach at the Grande Torino.

During a press conference after unveiling the new coach, Cairo was asked what he would reply to the fans asking him to sell the club.

“What do I answer? I can understand the dissent,” he told at a press conference. “There was the expectation of a completely different season, with better results.

“It’s OK that there’s discontent, it’s understandable. It has already happened in the past.

“Unfortunately, it’s something that can happen, and it happens in many other games. You must have the strength to accept the dissent and understand it. It has to stimulate you and make you question yourself.

“You thought you had done the right thing to keep everyone and invest €22m only on the last day, because there weren’t any possibilities before. At the end of the market I was inundated with messages of compliments, they were all happy.

“Today it’s not like that, there is conflict. I have to take it into consideration, and it must stimulate me and my collaborators.”

Torino are 12th in the League ahead of the match against Sampdoria this weekend and are currently five points away from Parma at seventh, where they ended the campaign securing a place in Europe last term.