Friday February 7 2020
Fonseca: 'Roma are too anxious'

Paulo Fonseca concedes Roma “are lacking confidence, making a lot of mistakes and that is a psychological issue” after the 3-2 home loss to Bologna.

The Giallorossi are inarguably in crisis now, with four defeats in their last six Serie A games, while this is the first time since 2015 that they’ve gone four league home fixtures without victory.

“I have to say the team has really felt the last defeat to Sassuolo, so we were lacking confidence from the very beginning this evening,” Fonseca told Sky Sport Italia.

“The defenders were nervous, as seen by the way we conceded the first two goals. We reacted in the second half, but with the red card, it became even more difficult.

“We are making a lot of mistakes in defence at the moment and that is a psychological issue.”

Next Saturday is the showdown for that fourth Champions League spot with Atalanta, but Bryan Cristante will be suspended, as he was sent off today.

“This is not an easy moment after two defeats, but I am responsible for the team and I must think hard on what we can change, improve and adjust to find balance.

“This squad has done many good things in this season, but there is emotional pressure right now and I must help them believe we can do much, much better.

“I told them we can lose or win, the important thing is that we show no fear of playing our football. At this moment, we are too anxious, so I must consider what I can do to change this situation.

“The mentality and lack of confidence affects everything, as we don’t press the way we should, don’t attack or defend the way we should.

“The goals we conceded were very similar to the ones against Sassuolo, we can do much better on an individual level. I don’t like to talk about individual errors, because I am responsible for the whole team, but if we look at the goals we’ve conceded lately, they are a lot of one-on-one situations, the opponent cuts inside and goes clear on goal.

“We must work to change this. It’s not a drama, it might all seem negative right now, but we just need courage.”

Considering the injury crisis for such a long time, has it taken its toll on the remaining players and drained them physically?

“I do not agree that there is a physical issue. We did better in the second half at Sassuolo and again here, even after going down to 10 men, when we threatened an equaliser. That means it’s not a physical issue.”