Friday February 14 2020
Raiola: 'Donnarumma shouldn't have renewed'

Mino Raiola says Gianluigi Donnarumma "shouldn't have renewed" his Milan contract in 2017 and that Zlatan Ibrahimovic “will decide at the end of the season” about staying with Milan.

Raiola spoke to MilanNews.It in the mixed zone following the 1-1 draw with Juventus yesterday regarding his clients Donnarumma, Ibrahimovic and Giacomo Bonaventura.

Ibra has already made an impact upon his return to San Siro, and Raiola states that it’s up to him if he wants to stay at the club next season.

“There is a half project at Milan, he will decide at the end of the year what he wants do to,” Raiola told the website.

“What do I recommend? To go ahead if he wants to have fun, and to stop if he doesn’t anymore.

“For now it seems to me that he is having fun, it can be seen from his spirit, and how he’s helping his teammates. He’s given another type of mentality to the boys.”

Donnarumma is another of Raiola’s clients, and has been linked with moves away from the club, and says the 20-year-old thought with his heart when renewing with Milan in 2017.

"He shouldn't have renewed, at that moment it wasn't the right moment," Raiola told Sport Mediaset.

"It was the choice of the heart. And if you make the heart choose, in that sense, it can also be the right choice. He is happy, and has chosen to do what he wants."

Bonaventura meanwhile has been at San Siro since 2014, and there has been speculation over a contract renewal for the 30-year-old.

“Some things come to an end. I don’t know, we are talking, but we will see," Raiola told MilanNews.It.

“Who knows, maybe we are looking at other proposals.

“I think the club must know what they want to do with him, perhaps some within the club want him to stay, and others not so much.

“Let’s see if we can put them together and find out.”