Saturday February 22 2020
Coronavirus reaches Serie B too

The Coronavirus panic has now reached Serie B, as today’s game between Ascoli and Cremonese has officially been called off, with more potentially to follow.

Until now, there have been 42 matches postponed in the Lombardy and Veneto region from the amateur leagues, youth levels and some in semi-professional Serie D.

This morning, Serie C fixture Piacenza-Sambenedettese was also suspended due to the spread of the virus.

Now Serie B has been affected too, with Ascoli v Cremonese formally called off by the local authorities due to safety concerns.

It’s reported that Pisa v Venezia in Serie B could also be cancelled.

The situation is further complicated by the fact the ‘Patient Zero’ in Italy is a 38-year-old from Lodi who played amateur football for Codogno.

He was checked upon his return from China, but was asymptomatic and tested negative for the Coronavirus.

This illness is particularly dangerous because it has a very long incubation period, thought to be up to a month.