Tuesday March 3 2020
Mancini: 'Italy play to win Nations League'

Roberto Mancini said Italy “always play to win” as they prepare for the Nations League against the Netherlands, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Poland.

The draw was made this evening and the Azzurri will be in League A, Group 1.

“Clearly, the teams were all quite strong. It’s a good group, although we can really only evaluate them after Euro 2020, as there could be a change of coach and players, so very different teams,” Mancini told Rai Sport.

“I am satisfied with the draw, but I would’ve been even if we had been paired with other sides. We always play to win, but if we can also help some younger players get used to the spotlight and who can be useful in future, that’s good too.”

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused havoc in the Italian fixture list, with several Serie A games postponed and increasingly ugly clashes between clubs and authorities over rescheduling.

“It’s a delicate moment, we all need to be a little more careful, but I hope it can be resolved or at least for the atmosphere to calm down a little,” added the CT.

“I don’t get into these situations. It’s disappointing, tension makes you say some things that are over the line, but I think it’ll be sorted out soon.”