Sunday March 8 2020
Boban: 'Milan deal with Rangnick in Dec'

Zvonimir Boban is not going quietly, hitting out at the “dictatorship” at Milan and insisting Ivan Gazidis “had closed a deal with Ralf Rangnick in December.”

The Chief Football Officer was fired on Saturday, largely due to the interview he gave with La Gazzetta dello Sport in which he said CEO Gazidis had “gone behind our backs” in contacting Rangnick.

“I wasn’t aware we were in a dictatorship like North Korea,” Boban told Il Giornale today. “My interview was legally impeccable and it arrived after many questions and demands for clarification in-house went unanswered.”

Now Boban is ready to sue Milan for unfair dismissal, using the legal consultants he met while working with FIFA, demanding payment for the three-year contract that was torn up after just nine months.

The complaint is that Boban’s contract made him and Paolo Maldini in charge of the football area, something he felt was breached by Gazidis negotiating with Rangnick.

“They closed a deal with Rangnick in December,” added Boban. “I can wish him all the luck in the world, but they have to at least tell me about this. I deserve to be informed of the initiative.”

His statement comes under 24 hours after his dismissal, with Gazidis announcing “Stefano Pioli and his staff are doing an exceptional job growing the performances of the team every week and will have our full support as they continue this work.”

If a deal has already been agreed with Rangnick to take over as both coach and director of sport next season, a sort of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United role, then Pioli is a lame duck.

According to Boban, Gazidis had blocked some January transfers because “we can’t do them without the consent of the new coach,” which would mean Rangnick.

Yet Maldini publicly declared last month that the German was “not the right profile to lead Milan” and was over the last couple of days nowhere to be seen at the training ground.

It’s reported Maldini won’t even be present for today’s game with Genoa at San Siro, as Gazidis is taking full control of the club.