Sunday March 15 2020
Mancio: 'Italy can win in 2021'

Italy boss Roberto Mancini says there are “more important things than the European Championships” in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. "If they postpone, we can win in a year."

Mancio gave an interview to 90 minutes on Rai Sport about the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought all sport to a standstill.

Players across all clubs in Italy have been training at home in self-isolation, and Mancini says it’s the right thing to do.

“We must leave the players at home, everyone. They are professionals and know what to do,” Mancini told the broadcaster.

“If and when the league starts again, they will have 10 days or two weeks to train regularly.”

UEFA are holding a critical summit on Tuesday to decide the fate of the European Championships, but Mancini says life is more important than a football tournament.

“We have to wait to Tuesday to understand if UEFA will decide to postpone Euro 2020. The problems we have had in Italy in the last 15 days will now be seen in other countries.

“I don’t know how it will end. But there are more important things than Euro 2020, without a doubt.

“If they postpone the tournament, we can win even in a year. The important thing is the health of everyone and that we can all return to the stadium and enjoy ourselves.

“Seeing people die in these last few days is hurting us too much.”

Mancini reveals that he had more or less decided his squad for the tournament, but if it gets postponed by a year, things could change.

“I had a fairly safe list of players called, it was ready with only a few doubts to decide at the last minute.

“However if the tournament is suspended for a year, there will be a few changes…”