Wednesday March 18 2020
Buffon: 'Juve fan up to the age of seven'

Juventus stopper Gianluigi Buffon says he was a fan of the Bianconeri up to the age of seven as a child, and that he hasn’t retired because he’s “fine and wants to respect the dreams I had as a child.”

Buffon gave an interview to Juventus’ TV channel in the midst of the Coronavirus, and revealed some interesting tidbits.

It was always thought that Buffon grew up as a Genoa fan, but he revealed otherwise.

“Do you want a revelation? Which I have never said as I didn’t want to look the part of a company man? As a child, up to the age of seven, I was a Juventus fan,” Buffon told the channel.

“But I fell in love with Giovanni Trapattoni and when he went to Inter [in 1986], I hesitated because my love for his character was such that I then supported Inter.

“Then I started to cheer for Pescara, Como, Avellino, Campobasso, and then from 12 years old, I started supporting Genoa.

“This makes it clear how important figures are beyond the team. Trapattoni electrified me.”

Buffon returned to Juventus last summer after a season with PSG, and is now 42-years-old, so has he thought about retiring?

“The return to Juve was natural, in the end I had a wonderful year in Paris and I must say that I needed it to detoxify myself.

“However it’s clear that the contact with Juve was always there, with the President, with Fabio Paratici, and old friends. I played a season abroad without cutting the umbilical cord.

“I don’t know what will happen next year, it is true that two years ago I practically retired and then what happened, happened.

“Why am I not retiring? Because I feel fine, and I want to respect the dreams I had when I was a small boy.

“At that age I would’ve been thrilled had they told me that I would become a Serie C goalkeeper.”