Thursday March 19 2020
Gravina on Serie A resumption plans

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina confirmed the hopeful Serie A start date of May 2, although “we are working on a first phase behind closed doors” and it could run to July 17.

The league was the first to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, followed by all the other major competitions on the continent.

Turkey finally joined the list of leagues that have suspended games today, as UEFA postponed Euro 2020 until next summer to give divisions time to complete their schedule.

“We have been working for several days on the idea of starting up again on May 2-3, because with a few midweek rounds, we can finish on June 30. I wouldn’t rule out going on to July 10-17 either,” the Italian Federation President told Radio Punto Nuovo.

“With 12 rounds to go, and a few games in hand left over, along with some international competitions, let’s just admit it’s not easy to get these dates to fit together.

“We’ll work on it and activate every mechanism possible with the Government and authorities.”

Considering 12 Serie A players have tested positive so far and the death rate in Italy has reached 3,000, the games can only resume with an abundance of caution.

“We are working on a first phase to be played behind closed doors, at least until we can guarantee the health of the athletes. Playing with a crowd present would mean we had emerged from a horrible nightmare, so we hope to reach that point.

“It is an emergency situation for the whole country and we must treat it as such.”