Friday March 20 2020
Tommasi: 'Dangerous for training to resume'

President of the AIC Damiano Tomassi says it’s “dangerous” for players to begin training again in the midst of the Coronavirus, following reports that Lazio are to restart training from Monday.

Italian football has been suspended for the last several weeks amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The country has been in total lockdown for close to two weeks, with players told to stay at home to self-isolate and only leave their homes if necessary.

However it’s reported that Lazio will begin training again on Monday, which has caused some controversy.

Former Roma player Tommasi spoke to the AIC website about the situation in Italy.

“I hope that soon we can return to play because football will be a thermometer of society. When the ball starts moving again, we will almost be out of this nightmare.

“I find it better to say that we won’t recover until a certain date, rather than indicating a certain day.

“Whoever thinks of benefitting by training their team, I don’t know what they have in their minds.

“I say this without wanting to create controversy because this is not the moment to spark it. Training now, before the championship resumes, doesn’t make sense. It’s also dangerous.

“In Spain there are dozens of positive players, whilst in Italy perhaps not everyone has taken the test but there are more players with symptoms than we think.

“We are in direct contact with infected players and with our medical consultants. We are asking ourselves the issue of the consequences that this virus will leave on the bodies of the infected and those with symptoms.

“It’s not something to underestimate.”