Sunday March 22 2020
Cairo: 'Lunacy to think of resuming training now'

Torino President Urbano Cairo says the idea of clubs wanting to return to training is “from another planet” following speculation that Lazio and Napoli both want to resume training.

Serie A has been postponed in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has seen over 4,000 people in Italy lose their lives.

Football, like all sport across most of Europe, has been shut down, with no realistic date of return possible.

Toro President Cairo gave an interview to La Stampa, in which he argues that the idea of returning to training now is lunacy.

“If I think back to the Lega meeting on March 10, there were still those who talked about training and returning to play,” Cairo told the Turin daily.

“It is logical that time has been wasted. Those speeches, heard now, seem from another planet.

“I said ‘if we do not take drastic action, moving fans will also contribute to increasing the infection of others.”

There has been speculation that Lazio and Napoli wanted their players to return to training as soon as possible.

On Friday, Napoli announced that their squad will return to training next Wednesday.

“It seems foolish to me to argue an idea on the basis of contagion data. Saying ‘my region has no problems’ with such a changing situation isn’t a good explanation.

“The virus explodes and then….

“Meanwhile, there are 16 clubs who don’t want to think about resuming training next week.”

Cairo was then asked why Napoli and Lazio seem hell-bent on training before the other teams in Serie A.

“I guess for sporting interests. To take advantage perhaps.”

Another issue has been that of clubs looking players to take salary cuts in light of no match-day revenue.

“It will be inevitable, we are facing a system that is likely to implode. Football is now more united; it’s not the time for cunning.

“If the league ever resumes, it will be played behind closed doors.”