Sunday March 22 2020
Mrs Inzaghi: 'Word Scudetto is banned'

Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi has “banned the word Scudetto” and along with his son wrecked their house by playing football indoors during quarantine, revealed the tactician’s wife.

Gaia Lucariello announced only a couple of weeks ago that she is pregnant, so the Inzaghi family is expanding.

The season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic with Lazio one point off the top of the Serie A table, just behind Juventus.

“The word Scudetto is banned in our house and the topic is entirely taboo,” she told Il Tempo newspaper.

“Of course it was disappointing to suspend the season with Lazio in such great form, but when things greater than ourselves happen, we can only accept them. I think the campaign will resume and conclude behind closed doors.

“What frightens me is when Simone will return to training. I don’t know if I’ll ask him to remain at the training ground to live for a while or if I’ll run away. This virus is silent, there are people with no symptoms who can pass it on and I am genuinely afraid.”

Meanwhile, the family is in self-isolation and Gaia Lucariello reveals it’s proving a little tricky.

“Simone spends his day watching games back, remaining in contact with the club and players, then in the afternoon dedicates his time to our son, Lorenzo. They play football inside the house and have now smashed everything it is possible to smash.”