Saturday March 28 2020
Pezzella: 'The worst has passed'

Fiorentina player German Pezzella has admitted that he was “afraid” when he tested positive for coronavirus but said “the worst period is behind me”.

Two weeks has passed since the Argentine centre-half and forward Patrick Cutrone tested positive for COVID-19 and the captain has revealed that he has been fortunate and will go through another test.

“I had some symptoms but fortunately nothing serious,” he told Corriere dello Sport. “I calmly went through this experience, but I was a bit afraid at the beginning.

“But my symptoms weren’t very strong, and I tried to remain pretty calm.

“The worst period is behind me. Several days have already passed and I think I will have to do a new test to see if it’s now completely negative.”

This week, President Rocco Commisso revealed that there has been 12 cases of coronavirus at the Viola, who sit 13th in the interrupted Serie A table.