Saturday March 28 2020
Godin: 'Players most exposed'

Inter’s Diego Godin has hit out at Italian football authorities for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic. “We were exposed until the last moment.”

Serie A did not officially stop until March 9, when Italy went into full lockdown, with games continuing to be played behind closed doors before then.

Among those to be played behind closed doors was Inter’s 2-1 defeat to Juventus, which Godin claims possibly helped the spread of COVID-19.

“We were exposed until the last moment,” the defender, who is isolating in his native Uruguay, told ESPN.

“They opted to keep going to see if we could continue playing, until the situation became untenable and the health system collapsed.

“We continued to play for several weeks, we continued training and played behind closed doors until Rugani’s positive test: only at that point did the campaign stop.

“Surely there were other players in that game who would have already been infected so, in order to avoid taking any risks, they put all of us straight into quarantine.”