Sunday March 29 2020
Douglas Costa: 'It affects all clubs'

Juventus winger Douglas Costa has revealed that the players discussed the pay cut to help the Old Lady. “They’re not responsible for the virus”.

Yesterday, the Bianconeri confirmed an agreement with their players to take a pay cut during the forced break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Brazilian winger has revealed that the players are “confused” and don’t know if the campaign will resume, but was clear that the squad had come to an agreement knowing they would have to help the Old Lady in a difficult period.

“I don’t know when we will be asked to come back,” Douglas Costa told Esporte Interativo. “At the moment we aren’t working, but we are training.

“The salary issue is complicated because when you ask for the money from a player, the player complains.

“We discussed everything with each other, and we knew that at any time the situation could get worse and that it would also affect our earnings.

“We are aware of it, it’s something that affects all the teams and our club is not to blame, it’s not responsible for the virus. Nobody had a crystal ball to predict what would happen and that all sports would have stopped, not just football.

“We are waiting for the situation to get better in Italy. We were supposed to return on April 3, but I spoke to the captain [Giorgio Chiellini] and he said we will be back the 15th or 20th if everything goes well.

“It’s all very confusing. I’m currently at home with the family. It’s nice to be able to spend some time with the family. And only with them, because you can’t be with anyone else.”