Saturday April 4 2020
Rincon raises funds for families

Torino and Venezuela midfielder Tomas Rincon has launched a funding initiative to raise money for people left unemployed during the coronavirus lockdown, donating €1,500 himself.

While there are calls for players to dock their pay in order to help clubs stay afloat, Rincon is taking a personal approach to the crisis.

“I am trying to find different ways to help a country that welcomed me like a son from the first day I arrived here,” wrote the Venezuela international on Instagram.

“I donated masks, medical equipment and other items to support our heroes, those who work in the medical field, but I feel it is not sufficient yet.

“This is why I decided to open this GoFundMe page, so that we can all help those people who were left unemployed due to this global pandemic: mothers and fathers who have to provide for their families.

“The funds will be used to help pay for mortgages, rent, bills, food, medicine and long-distance learning for children.”